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  1. Buenas verifica tu carpeta import y relaliza los canfios en dicha carpeta
  2. your used Google cloud or digital ocean and ovh?
  3. I lost a lot on a disc that got damaged. but I have some grf I still have to check if they have custom weapon. what they do have are many old custom.
  4. Enjoy it if you need some help I'm not a pro but I have knowledge of items and more hahah
  5. ahhahaha quiet sir have a good day. I sent you the link in private!
  6. I'm going to give you a folder with old school sprites, check if it has custom weapons
  7. yes sir. try to make a new image of collection and items sir PD: Your need orther sprite old i have manys hahaha Red Dragon Wings.rar
  8. this sir? Dragon_Demonic_Wings.bmp
  9. I had my server hosted in pony, everything was fine until I realized that I wanted the psd of the flux that I bought for free wtf ahahha and when I told him that he did not get angry there he made the decision to emigrate to DO
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