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  1. Hey, I know it is an offical behavior (reflecting damage even if the attack misses on these skills), but I'd like to know how to change items which apply short_weapon_damage_return in order to not apply damage reflect upon ATK_MISS anymore. battle.cpp line 6891: Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  2. Is there any available tutorial for GRF's file table encrypt? I'd like to disable the merging option for my GRF file.
  3. Apparently at some point someone decided that it wouldn't exist negative damage on RO anymore and then we lost attr_recover option (on both re and pre-re)... I'm still searching where on src it caps all forms of damage to positive
  4. Actually I'm running pre-re setup, so yeah, I'd appreciate that. I've made some tests and couldn't even force directly ratio (therefore damage) to assume negative values. Even when I put damage = -ratio; it seems to revert negative to positive (ok) and when it tries to revert positives I get 0/1 damage
  5. The conf switch must make any x > 100% protection (ratio < 0 on battle.c) to heal the target instead of miss, but the ratio isn't receiving negative values
  6. BTW, pasana should only reduce 75% from total fire damage, I think... Evil Druid should reduce 125% from shadow/poison...
  7. If I'm wearing Evil Druid and get hit by poison/shadow, it causes miss or 1 total damage. It should heal.
  8. I'm running the newest rathena on pre-re and negative values for elemental damage are being read as 1 or miss even with attribute_recover set to 1 battle.conf: ratio on battle.cpp should determine if damage is a positive or negative value battle.cpp: battle.cpp: status.cpp: What should I change in order to read attr_fix_table/ratio/damage negative values and make them heal target's HP?
  9. Hi there, I'd like to know how to modify left hand basic attack damage while dual wielding in order to reduce damage instead of ignore racial/elemental/defense reductions.
  10. deitalk

    Damage flag

    I'd like to know a way to check if a player dealt damage (any positive amount, any target) and use it as a condition to cast certain buff on skill.c. The check would reset if the player warps to another map, dies or receives dispell.
  11. Hi, I'd like to know if is there a way to make deal damage (any positive value) as a condition to use Comfort and Warm of the Sun/Moon/Stars skills instead of being in a certain map memorized bye Feeling skill. Plus, I'd like it to make damage dealing flag reset after warping or being sucessfully dispelled. Could anyone help me?
  12. How do I fix it? It's latest version inside kRO folder from 2017-04-11
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