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  1. Probably not xD Anyways, I am working on development of a new patcher as a successor to the original aka NEMO. Initially, I was planning to just release the source for NEMO but is quite outdated. So I decided to just start off fresh utilizing concepts from the original along with new ideas (Already have some implemented, which I will explain later) Also this time, I will be keeping it open source. I will publish to Github once there is a solid foundation. I am building it using the latest version of Qt (5.15) and utilizing QML for creating the GUI. I want to give it a more modern appearance, however, I am a "novice" on this front. So I am inviting suggestions for the UI from the talented individuals here.
  2. The project is already done since long time back and you can enable it in the client with the "Use Custom 3D Mobs" patch in NEMO. If you are facing any issues with the patch, then tell me which client date and what issue you are facing.
  3. that's not a bug. I already noticed that since i used the same palette grf for testing. SecureGRF Encryption increased the byte count per file inside the grf (Compare with the original in case you have doubt). But since its negligible amount we don't notice it usually.
  4. N.E.D. - Neo Express Decryptor (suggestions are open for a better name) What is this? So you might be wondering if this is really what it says in the title and yes it is. The purpose of this tool is plain and simple. If you have a GRF encrypted using SecureGRF and you know the password, you can use this tool to decrypt the GRF to get your original back - comes in handy if you forgot to backup the original. How does it work? Download it. Open it. Enter the path of your encrypted GRF in the Input Grf field and select the Output Grf filename (by default it suffixes "_decrypted.grf" to the input grf name). Enter the Password and click on Decrypt and your done. Note: The tool might take a few minutes if your GRF has a large number of files (but I see SecureGRF also taking similar amount of time to encrypt). Anything else to know? I made this tool in a day because I was looking for something interesting to do. It has worked so far for all the GRFs I have tried it with. So just in case keep a backup. Let me know if you find any bugs. Download Link: NED.rar EDIT: Added Icon
  5. are you sure you set the proper group level for those ids in the server db.
  6. Well there is a minimum limit check so maximum limit checking should also be possible via hexing.
  7. Use NEMO to patch - Custom Job and Shield patches are available in it. The xDiff file here is outdated. Also you should be using the files from the Support folder from NEMO not the ones here. EDIT: Can someone please close this topic. Thanks.
  8. https://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items#Weapon_Sprite_Solution_.28For_New_Clients.29 the classNum is the viewid you specify in WeaponTable.lub
  9. Wonder why I never saw this topic till now. Didn't know you put up a topic about it Curiosity . *Follow Mode ON*
  10. Actually that one is already made, but its a private patch so I can't release it for now. :-)
  11. All the other custom projects went to archive why should this be any different. If he comes back to continue he can either ask a moderator to pull it back or start a fresh topic.
  12. Adding custom cards is no different from adding any other custom item (well there would be few extra steps like putting the card bmp file in proper location and adding prefix/suffix to show when the card is bound to an equipment - both still follow the old way it was done) Now since you see an error after adding an entry in iteminfo lua file it means your client is reading the lua file instead of the id2num desctable and nametable txt files, So focus on the lua file. As for the error, the syntax looks ok . just check if there is a comma added before your [35000].
  13. If Pixel graphics sucks then MINECRAFT SUCKS HARDCORE. I wonder why minecraft was made that much pixelated though.
  14. Yet Another Bird leaves the nest . Thanks for you contributions Icabit and Good luck For all that is to come in future
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