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  1. can you update autopot ? its not working for me
  2. anyone able to do this? i'll pay
  3. my maximum minus is only +1 cannot be -1 -2 -3 when using Dimik Card
  4. i want to make my Vit negaitve like -2 -3 -4 -5 when i'm using Dimik Card on armor and not using anything that add Vit currently using rAthena SVN 17726 pls help
  5. my land protector doesnt remove spider web while casting it when i'm using spider web on player and cast land protector player cannot moved instantly after land protector it its still need wait duration of spider web to be done then i can move how do i fix it?
  6. how to make magnum break ignore flee after you casted it?
  7. how to fix this? link is dead
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