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  1. Hi all, Which client version should we be looking at for pre-re item/mob/skill db? Like what is it based on? I would like to check a few things in the Item DB against a known pre-re client version hopefully the most up to date one to compare the effects/stats from the descriptions. I recall that they used txt files possibly, but that it was at least before 2010 possibly 2019 client? Full installs were not made for the last several as they just had players patch to get up to date. Also can someone please provide a working download link to such a client? (I'm not after latest kRO renewal to then simply patch with English translation project as I already have that I would like to actually compare the info from item descriptions against what we have). All the links from RMS from years ago are gone/dead links. I have been making some scripts to load the rAthena item db and system/iteminfo.lua to compare data, it even pulls out and "Unbolloxs" the text. Example if anyone in future is interested in how to Unbollox the text, I'm using Node.js btw. const iconv = require('iconv-lite') iconv.skipDecodeWarning = true // See: https://github.com/ashtuchkin/iconv-lite/wiki/Use-Buffers-when-decoding function unbolloxLuaString(input) { return iconv.decode(iconv.decode(Buffer.from(input), 'iso8859-1'), 'cp949') } Thanks in advance. Edit: Please move to General / General support.
  2. Aye. but the only char_id's I have are 1 to 20. The account_id's are from 200000 though. I did do a truncate on the char table, could be why but I would have expected that to reset the auto increment column char_id. In hind site maybe it is possible that I neglected to turn off the server during the truncate on those tables and it delay saved stuff from old characters I was testing with that I thought were logged off :S Still odd that the records are "orphaned" but I guess that is by design since MyISAM does not support foreign keys~ Thanks for the explanation though sikiro. I guess it should be safe to delete the erroneous records.
  3. Hey, weird char_id such as 150001 showing up in inventory and picklog. SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE char_id NOT IN (SELECT char_id FROM `char`) Just wondering what those are is it some special kind of identifier? Thanks.
  4. Hey sorry, due to IRL, I have not yet been able to update the code to see. But I plan to try again soon :). Let us know if you find anything too.
  5. This happens for me as well. Still trying to figure out why. Will re-enable the obfuscation and see how things play out. Certainly it is the right port in the client info. Error shows in client after selecting character to play as. Last known commit that worked for me was. e820ef9090a02e8483ef672147e159210dd09c16 I'll work my way back up the list of commits that are on master to see when it happens :).
  6. Write your self I think. I'm thinking of making one too. But I think some source mods would be needed to update the merchants table and logs a little bit more maybe. Or some sort of extra fee for vendors to register their shop on the site. Maybe d3.js for some charts/graphs or something too :).
  7. Ah thanks for investigating the cause of the matter Anacondaqq :). If we add this back in will it fix? Is there a pull request on git?
  8. Hi please post if you find a server side fix. Thanks Azura Skyy, ill check those threads also :). I did a client side mod because I could understand that easier than server side... Sorry about the size of it (copy pasted from my spreadsheet of changes/fixes)
  9. How did you solve this problem? I am encountering it too. I might try wiping everything and starting again soon.
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