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  1. bonus2 bSkillCastRange, k, n; //Increases the cast range of skill k by n cells. (can be negative, works only on targetted skils) bonus bStealRandomBuff,n; ////Chance of stealing a random buff from target when attacking with n/100 chance. (@Edit: bonus bRetainBuffs prevents buffs from being stolen). bonus2 bStealBuff,n, k; //Chance of stealing specific buff 'k' from target when attacking with n/100 chance. bonus2 bSkillHits,n,k; // Increases/decreases the total number of hits given by skill 'k'. ps.: Great work, Epoque.
  2. Nailed it: Warsaw was blocking it. Pretty odd, but w/e, it worked. Thanks, Functor!
  3. Thanks for the answer, lllaaazzz. I tried your client, despite a slight error with a skillinfo.lub file, it kept having the same issue of not opening the client anymore. So, it didn't worked for me.
  4. I have a grf with the default stuff from Zackdreaver's data (*clientinfo with langtype 1, version 55) but i tried with and w/o this GRF/english data folder, also with no success.
  5. Hello everyone, i need your help with a this very strange problem. As stated in the title, i'm having problems with my RO client in this setup because the client refuses to open in my computer a second time. After i try to reopen the client, it closes quickly without any errors (even when not using diffs to remove error messages) I found out that if i rename the client, the problem persists. However, if rename the ./RO directory to anything else, the client has 95%+ chance of running normally. Currently i am using the 2018 kRO release from the pinned topic and my DATA.ini has 'rdata.grf' first than 'data.grf'. I have an official client installed in another directory. So far, i have done the following with no success so far: - Googling the hell out of this problem. - Deactivated antivirus and run a new client. - Tried diffed with default NEMO patches (4144's version) - Using default and english /RO/system folder (from zackdreaver's english translation data) - Running setup.exe and client as administrator. - Using ai4rei's opensetup - Re-downloaded and re-run with and without updating the kRO client using latest rsu-updaters.