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  1. Free

    StarliteRO (PSD ONLY)

    Hello everyone! As per this topic, I thought it'd be nice of me to release this design for free to the community. However, keep in mind that this is only a PSD and it is not CODED.
    I rather you keep my logo or "Designed and Created by Mysterious" in the footer.
    You may redistribute this file as long as I get consent and proper credits are given!


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.



  2. Free

    Coloured Spores

    Here are 6 coloured spores I've had on my computer as well. In this pack you get:
    and Green

    Credits go to whomever. By this time, I forgot who created it. If people know, shoot me a PM :3



  3. Free

    Gryphon Recolours

    Yes, before people ask.. I am Mysteriouss on eAthena and these are my files
    . I've decided to make these files downloadable through rAthena's Download System just for faster access for people . Basically with these Gryphon recolours, you can easily replace the Gryphon already in RO or you can use them as custom mobs or even use them as mounts. If you wish to use them as mounts, you're going to have to do the following:

    - Head over to /data/sprite/ÀÌÆÑÆ® and rename any Gryphon file to:

    ¸Å2.spr ----- Sniper's Falcon ¸Å.spr ------ Hunter's Falcon
    Also, note that if you wanna use these for Ranger's falcons.. Rangers use the same file name format as Snipers do. So, if you change Snipers, you'll be changing Rangers.
    My current colours found in this file include:
    Black Gryphon
    Blue Gryphon
    Purple Gryphon
    Pink Gryphon
    Gold Gryphon
    and White Gryphon

    Please note that when you get the files, the Gryphons are named by colour. It is up to you to rename them if you want to.



  4. Free

    Goblin Invasion [Event]

    Currently works on: rAthena 15349+ ~ eAthena 15055+ Trunk SQL with Zero problems.
    Do not do the following:
    Re-edit my work and Claim it as yours
    Re-edit my work and upload it to eAthena or rAthena without my permission
    Re-edit my work, upload it, and not adding credits
    Use it for selling purposes

    This is basically an Invasion event. It's called a Goblin Invasion event just because Goblins Spawn. However, you can change the invasion event to your liking. In order to make the Goblins a little more strong (especially in a SHR), try adding:
    Your mob_skill_db2:

    1258,[email protected]_JUPITEL,attack,84,28,3000,1000,10000,no,target,always,0,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_EARTHQUAKE,attack,653,5,1000,100,30000,no,self,always,,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_SONICBLOW,attack,136,10,10000,0,20000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_SONICBLOW,chase,136,10,10000,0,20000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_DARKBREATH,attack,202,5,2000,800,5000,no,target,always,0,,,,,,29 1258,[email protected]_DARKSTRIKE,chase,340,10,200,0,1000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_GUIDEDATTACK,attack,172,5,500,0,20000,no,target,always,0,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_TELEPORT,idle,26,1,10000,0,0,yes,self,rudeattacked,,,,,,, 1258,[email protected]_CURSEATTACK,attack,181,3,500,800,5000,no,target,always,0,,,,,,29 1258,[email protected]_DARKNESSATTACK,attack,190,2,500,500,5000,no,target,always,0,,,,,,6
    Either mob_db or mob_db2:

    1258,"GOBLIN_ARCHER","Goblin Archer","Goblin Archer",255,[color="#0000FF"]1000000[/color],0,461,284,9,900,985,0,0,[color="#9932CC"]255,200,255,255,255,20[/color],10,12,0,7,25,8325,60,1172,672,420,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,2297,3,998,250,911,1000,1765, 3000,507,600,1705,25,514,300,0,0,0,0,4157,1
    --> You can change their HP or stats to what ever you like.
    ~- Editing -~
    Change the GM level you wish:
    Change the Maps you wish to use:
    set [email protected], rand(1,6); if ([email protected] == 6) set .Map$,"splendide"; if ([email protected] == 5) set .Map$,"izlude"; if ([email protected] == 4) set .Map$,"payon"; if ([email protected] == 3) set .Map$,"geffen"; if ([email protected] == 2) set .Map$,"morocc"; if ([email protected] == 1) set .Map$,"prontera";
    Change the getitem .ItemID,5; number 5 to how much of the item you want the players to get.
    Note: Please do not change the number of Goblins Spawned unless you know very well what you're doing!
    Download also available at my SVN: http://mysterious-project.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/npc/



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