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  1. yes, but I'm busy right now, and can't do it yet. But I will.
  2. Anacondaqq

    Ragnarok Eternal Love - Guild Hall

    Nice maps, since 2009 for sure, as always.
  3. Anacondaqq

    Glad rATHENA is still here

    A lot changed, really a lot since eathena times. Check my description for 5 minutes spending to see what is going on now by yourself.
  4. Anacondaqq

    Signboard updating; ASCII to EUR-KR

    Also, there can be an issue with VSCode (as far as I see you're using VSCode). By default, they work only with UTF-8 Like or will open cp1252 (depends on your system). So, ideally if you will open any LUA files with next encoding: EUC-KR to make sure that everything will be good.
  5. Anacondaqq

    Signboard updating; ASCII to EUR-KR

    For avoiding problems, use always korean as main language everywhere.
  6. Anacondaqq

    Signboard updating; ASCII to EUR-KR

    yes, it is. This is broken twice encoding: Use next Your text must be always korean, not broken cp1252 encoding into EUR-KR, or mixes of cp1251, cp1251, euk-r, utf8, etc.
  7. You can't revert back it. Just re-download again full game client which is attached to the package by links in the first post.
  8. I don't know. Nobody knows except you. Try maybe repair your tables.
  9. 1. Your clientinfo.xml config should have next: <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <langtype>0</langtype> 2. Now, you need to configure MySQL server (or MariaDB, or whatever you have) Options what is interesting for you is next: [client] default-character-set = utf8mb4 [mysql] default-character-set = utf8mb4 [mysqld] character_set_server=utf8mb4 collation_server=utf8mb4_unicode_ci 3. Now, create a new database after applying these settings. Will be created a database, with correct encoding (as far as I remember utf8mb4 support Korean characters pretty well). 4. Now, import your SQL files there, like you always do. (main.sql, logs.sql, etc) 5. Now, open your inter_athena.conf and find next option and make them hardcoded info what charset to use: // You can specify the codepage to use in your MySQL tables here. // (Note that this feature requires MySQL 4.1+) default_codepage: utf8mb4 At this point everything will be okay, but depends on a lot of differences between a lot of charsets default in different regional operation system with national languages, charsets of the windows can be different, 1252, 1251, etc. 6. You can manually force a client to use utf8 For that, you need to download dininput.dll & ini file: DOWNLOAD DININPUT or ALTERNATIVE LINK if the previous one will die. 7. And now run your client and play. Everything should be good.
  10. This is known issue with these clients. As far as I know, the problem has been fixed in one of the diffs from NEMO Try to download the latest version from his git repo above, and apply diffs again, might help, But I'm not sure.
  11. If you have errors, there is no simple solution how to avoid these errors and fix them from command line from MSBuild Tools. That mean you will be forced to use Visual Studio 2017 Community.
  12. Right click on solution, -> Retarget Solution -> Okay. Please use Visual Studio 2017 (and select C++ in the installer), do not use buildtools if you do not know what is that.
  13. Anacondaqq

    [SHOWCASE] Zell

    Something really strange and really cool at the same time for me. Good job.
  14. Anacondaqq

    warper warps player to last place on list

    after each case: usage you must add "break;" command to terminate switching. mes "Leveling Quests"; mes "Placeholder."; next; switch(select("120-140 :141-150 :151-160 :161-175 ")) { case 1: warp ("vis_h01",114,118); break; case 2: warp ("[email protected]_pay",22,38); break; case 3: warp ("[email protected]",114,59); break; case 4: warp ("x_prt",70,122); break; }