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  1. Wrong. The new exes after 2012-04-10Ragexe does not use these files anymore. All guides where you will see these files = not actual, and will not work with this exe. You need to find guides about ItemInfo.lua, and accinfo.lub, accinfo.lua inside grfs (luafiles514\datainfo\) In SDE (server database editor) you can easy edit / add new items. Look on the screenshot above. 1. it's a place where you need drag and drop all your grfs what you have in the client, and move to the top your main grf where data is (make sure that data.grf in the last order) while RENEWAL_2019 grf first one. 2. Here you need to click on Browse button and select where is your emulator/db/pre or emulator/db/re folder is. SDE need this path for correctly load data from your .txt files from your /db folder. 3. Here you need to click on Browse Button and go to your client folder System/ folder and select there ItemInfo.lua file. Inside this file almost ALL items and their translations, also inside this file client read and know where is sprites, resources what need to display to players, what item names will be, what item descriptions, whatever. 4. Here is optional achievement DB (fully optional, and as far as I remember not working, because of yml format, which not supported by SDE) 5. Client Encoding, make sure that your client encoding is Korean 949, to make sure you always see text in Korean. this is MEGA important, because all data in grfs in Korean. And you always need to keep original encoding, otherwise your game client will not work properly. 6. Now, when everything will be done by you click -> file save. And click on item tab, and you will see all items from your game-server data, with their sprites, with their descriptions, whatever. 
  2. You can do whatever you want with your server. There are a lot of guides about how adding items, editing items, changing items, whatever. But it's not a simple thing to do, please keep in mind this. Here is a link:
  3. Easy. Run opensetup.exe select in left bottom corner "lua", then select your graphics adapter + HAL (latest option) and apply okay, and it will solve the problem.
  4. Try this one, and extract to RO folder.!WclhhSiJ!TrYd30Ltzd2mM7yOGWY7yKDyQ2Zt7eTQXQnTU1qehNY
  5. Not sure if it will help you, but at least try.
  6. around 500mb. Check the size of your picklog database. And turn off logs for some time of logs what you do not use at all.
  7. Hi, when I said: "I do not remember which patches applied", this is true, but all logs (all list of patches) you can find in Nemo/exe/ folder. (applied_patches_list or like that named the file). Yes, it's super easy to do. And just copy-paste your fluxcp folder to domains/ directory, then restart open-server, and try to open http://yourfoldername/
  8. FluxCP incompatible with the latest PHP 7.1, 7.2, .7.3 at all. It also works very bad with even PHP-7.0. Revery back your PHP to php5.6 and you will not face at least for some time any issues.
  9. In theory you can, but you will not get any advantages over GCC, because it's about code, not about by what compiled you compiled the code. In real practice you will face a lot of pitfalls and problems. Stick to Visual Studio C++ (2017) / Clang / G++
  10. Have fun =) Even when previous pack update (14 Feb 2019) (right now we have 01 march one) the files packed inside archive. You need unpack ALL files (you can't extract only some files).
  11. What do you mean? Because the update IS NOT yet merged to master, (because not stable yet) when it will be merged, then it will be added to the pack too.