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  1. No, you have mysql server installed at your PC. please remove it, or turn it off. And don't change 3306 port at the package. Then try to run again, and everything will be ok.
  2. Release: Sader's Renewal Mode [PRE-RE Only]

    cool idea
  3. Hi, as soon as it will be possible I will upgrade the whole pack, I just have an idea about making the package much better (based on the problems what people have in the thread) with unbinding everyone from me and waiting for updates and making possible to update / change everything like they wish with minimal impact.
  4. Guild ID check for all party members

    prontera,156,180,5 script PartyChecker 89,{ if(getpartyleader(getcharid(1),2) == getcharid(0)) { if(select("Check party","Cancel") != 1) close; [email protected]_guild = getcharid(2); getpartymembers(getcharid(1),2); for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { if(getcharid(2,[email protected][[email protected]] != [email protected]_guild) { mes "Not all members of the party in the same guild. Break"; dispbottom strcharinfo(0,[email protected][[email protected]]) + " out of the guild"; break; } } } } I did not test that code, and very sleepy.
  5. Guild ID check for all party members

    prontera,156,180,5 script brobrobro 89,{ if(!getcharid(1) || !getcharid(2)) { mes "You don't have party or guild"; close; } if(getpartyleader(getcharid(1,2)) == getcharid(0)) { dispbottom "You're party leader"; .party_leader = getcharid(0); } if(.party_leader) { if(getcharid(2) == getcharid(2,.party_leader)) dispbottom "You're in the same guild with "+ rid2name(.party_leader); else dispbottom "You're outside of the guild of the your party leader"; } else { dispbottom "Sorry, but there is no party leader yet. Try later."; } end; } something very stupid like that. Not tested. How is it work? Everyone should talk to the NPC
  6. RoBrowser fork list

    your repo will be banned very soon, be sure of that. How about moving your work to your private git server in public mode hosted on DMCA-free hosting somewhere in eastern Europe? RO hired some company to block all content over the internet with ro content (any), thousands of DMCA reports and take-downs already happen, I have counted a few months ago about 65k+ reports (yes, the number is correct) where around 80% of complains success and hostings take down it. You have screenshots from RO at repo description, Niflheim it's their "intellectual property"... - pick one, it will be more than enough under Cloudflare / or any free CDN.
  7. I will be too risky, but I can't be quiet about this thing. Please stop stealing and selling a code which does not belong to you. (I talk about rAmod source code, which I know VERY WELL). Why have I written it to you? Because everything looks like you just got leaked by some guy in past emulator, extract the source code to make it work with latest rAmod and sell it for a price which cost the whole private work and for what hundreds of people paid, or you are authorized member of rAMod (I'm too lazy to check you in svn repo). But this does not give any rights to distribute the work from others, at least it is not good and correct at all... You can blame me, thread or even offend me, and I can be wrong because did not saw source code, but expect 100% the same extracted code, with maximum - the changed name of functions. I rewrote several times rAmod code, and know each custom line of the code and function because spent several years while working with rAmod code. And personally, for me, this release looks mega strange and painful. Why? Because I see a work by Zeph which is sold with some minimal customization for the full modification price of a private modification by Zeph (rAmod) to where I have been involved for many years and tried to keep rAmod up to date via every fucking week bumping and zeph in skype and making him some minimal motivation for continuing the work what he is doing, reporting bugs and so on, like several other customers of the private modification. Around rAthena there are a lot of people who BOUGHT his work, and personally for me very pity to see that the thing to which I paid money, spent my time, energy and so on sold without any naming of the original author while I see 100% exactly the same thing like in rAmod. How can the situation be resolved? Very easy: just add credits to Zeph, and say the truth that this is extracted and rewritten source code from him (Zephy from rAmod) by you which is compatible with rAthena, and because of customization, custom maps, and custom game modes you are asking to pay 150$ for your time and work. And I will have no problems with you or this release and will sleep without any issues. Hope you understand. It will be much more respectful and correct to all who are authorized members of rAmod, to zeph and other devs and to you. Sorry again for disturbing you, just can't be quiet about such things... Don't won't be a pain in the neck or having problems with you. Cheers! <3
  8. No, you need compiler (Visual Studio 2017 community edition with C++ pack of utilities), open rAthena-15.sln, and when you will apply modification -> Run -> Compile. If everything is ok with your source code, you will successfully compile emulator.
  9. Hi, please check the answer here at the topic on one of a page. Already answered.
  10. the exe strictly bounded to the emulator (packet protocol version). The package does not cover any other exes except 2015-11-04 inside the package. Only one thing I can suggest - its wait for an update on the package. I will try to include many interesting features what will fix issues like this which will make the package more stand-alone for the foreign user and unbound it from my updates and waiting for updates (you will be able manually without me update / upgrade everytime when you will need it). ETA? As soon as possible.
  11. What do you mean? I'm planning to upgrade the package with latest features and missing updates as soon as it will be possible.
  12. as sprite yes, as real headgear like you describe - no.
  13. Please open conf/char_athena.conf and find the setting related to the feature and check.