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  1. You can stop refresh after 2 seconds (after 4 refresh_timer), If mouse don't move. And I think that the server will load only if 200 players (min) at the same time hover on player's with chat.
  2. add from this command:
  3. Thanks
  4. Sorry for my English. Help please. How to make that mob could fight the mob? In battle_check_target entered for the test at the beginning of the function return 1 int battle_check_target( struct block_list *src, struct block_list *target,int flag) { int m,state = 0; //Initial state none int strip_enemy = 1; //Flag which marks whether to remove the BCT_ENEMY status if it's also friend/ally. struct block_list *s_bl = src, *t_bl = target; nullpo_ret(src); nullpo_ret(target); m = target->m; return 1; ... ... } , but don't fight mobs. Why? What did I forget?
  5. Hi all,Sorry for bad English. I do here what the problem.I have 2011-11-22aRagexeRE exe. In the emulator brathena mmo.h in the packet version entered 20111122. In packet_db added packets for this exe: //2011-11-22aRagexeRE packet_ver: 28[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=arial, sans-serif][size=4]0x0835,19,wanttoconnection,2:6:10:14:18 0x0892,5,walktoxy,2 0x0899,6,ticksend,2 0x0896,5,changedir,2:4 0x0893,6,takeitem,2 0x0436,6,dropitem,2:4 0x08A4,8,movetokafra,2:4 0x0362,8,movefromkafra,2:4 0x08AD,10,useskilltopos,2:4:6:8 0x0363,90,useskilltoposinfo,2:4:6:8:10 0x0898,6,getcharnamerequest,2 0x035F,6,solvecharname,2 0x0891,26,friendslistadd,2 0x089E,5,hommenu,4 0x0364,36,storagepassword,0 0x0895,26,partyinvite2,2 0x022D,7,actionrequest,2:6 0x08A1,10,useskilltoid,2:4:6 0x0369,-1,itemlistwindowselected,2:4:8 0x0202,18,bookingregreq,2:4:6 0x0887,-1,reqopenbuyingstore,2:4:8:9:89 0x08A9,2,reqclosebuyingstore,0 0x088C,6,reqclickbuyingstore,2 0x089D,-1,reqtradebuyingstore,2:4:8:12 0x07EC,-1,searchstoreinfo,2:4:5:9:13:14:15 0x0815,2,searchstoreinfonextpage,0 0x0366,12,searchstoreinfolistitemclick,2:6:10 0x0439,8,useitem,2:4 0x0907,5,moveitem,0 And after select character in the map-serve rwrites unknown packet version. In what maybe the problem?