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  1. NVM i Already did it by self
  2. How can i edit this source? i want to exempted from warping outside castle (GM Level 60+) when the EMP Broke... maprespawnguildid
  3. How to know if player have guild or none? i just want to prevent some players entering agit w/o a guild. Thank you in Advance
  4. still same. i got the same error. when i do make sql.
  5. ./configure make clean server am i right?. im using centos
  6. Its a fresh rathena git. i dont do any modification.
  7. help me guys. i got this error when compiling. i dont do any changes. how can i fix this Thank you in advance.
  8. View File Simple Avast Thor Patcher Thor Patcher,,, Avast 2014 Based Features Website Button Facebook Page Button Facebook Group Button Donate Button Help Button Register Button Setup Button (Open Setup.exe) BTW Im using MS Paint Only XD... Please Dont Remove Credits, Thx Submitter Vanquiser Submitted 07/09/2014 Category Patcher Skins Content Author  
  9. any can anyone do some like dis.. i know its huge project. //Switch to Server Episodes //1=Start of the Adventure Episode //2=Lutie Episode //3=Comodo Episode //4=War of Emperium Episode //5=Juno ~ Forgotten Legacy of an Ancient Era Episode //6=Beyond Rune-Midgarts (The Global Project) Episode //7=Umbala ~ Village of the Utan Tribe Episode //Just a sample i dont know the whole episodes of RO episode_type=1 example when the episode 2 is selected the other mobs map job nps of episode and earlier will be disabled Sorry for my english
  10. Vanquiser


    Can you add Ranking ?? Death/mercenary/ Kills..?? And Castle Owners ??
  11. maybe you can You Can Create Through Script...
  12. can anyone create this status effect.. uhmm.. item_bonus sc_start sc_antifrost,1800000,10; when you insert the script to POTION item there a status icon in right side .. and you cant frost until the duration ends TIA rathena <3
  13. Vanquiser

    Help me

    maybe you can use this Click Me
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