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  1. In the next donation goal we maybe see the episode 18 systems implemented officially https://ragnarok.lemongrass.at/ But database is released everytime by community, you can use Divine Pride to make your own database and create a PR to official implemention
  2. Easy like that But seems to rathena doesn't have support for 2021 clients yet, it will be a next target for donations made byt Lemongrass: https://ragnarok.lemongrass.at/ , so maybe you would not be able to run a 2021 client yet. I know the 20200902 is working perfectly
  3. You can look after this one https://rathena.org/board/topic/85066-rochargenphp-free-php-character-viewer/
  4. Is possible to make this adjustment in the attendance system?
  5. Você está adicionando o "all_skill: false" como comando, o correto é adicioná-lo como "permissions" permissions: { all_skill: false }
  6. bRO is a little old version, so some images is not on data.grf, you need to see the file name in the error and find that image in kRO data to put into bRO data, or just use a old hexed version
  7. Referente ao valor da lojinha é visual, mesmo retirando a taxa do servidor o hexed vai sempre fazer o calculo.
  8. I noticed mob AI got a little messed up after yml update
  9. It says UPdated 7 hours ago, but there's only one file to download, and is the one not compatible
  10. When I use it on transclasses i get 3rd jobs skill tree, also the appearence leaves if i relog
  11. http://www.green-peach.net/index.php
  12. You can use this tutorial for help https://frost.ragdev.com/how-to-install-athena-web-service-api-for-hexed-2020/
  13. Not working in last rev, anyone know what can be?
  14. you`re seeling the item or buying? alread did @reloaditemdb or restarted the server?
  15. You just edit the item_db? Go to the shop script and check the price there
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