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  1. Hi guys! Is it possible to make a copy os the /taekwon system to maka e custom skill who's can be own by quest and randomize your monsters to hunt, and after all hunting besides a point to computate your position at "/hunting" you also win a bunch of zennyes?
  2. discord que estamos usando para a equipe de tradução : https://discord.gg/b48eNvp

  3. Cara, eu penso o mesmo, há tempos eu venho traduzindo a interface do jogo e o iteminfo kkkkkkkkkkkk Vou te mandar PM assim que voltar de viagem lá pro dia 10-15 e pode contar comigo nessa equipe de tradução! Já possuo o item_db e o mob_db 100% pt-br que traduzi há umas duas semanas
  4. Verifica se a data do hexed está correta lá no mmo.h
  5. You mean use this grf with others? If so, just open your DATA.INI and put something like 0=costumes.grf and it will work fine
  6. Use SublimeText2 to open, edit And save
  7. I used to get this error too, use WeeMapCache tô make the mapcache.dat, eearch att the download section
  8. I'm trying to use but my centos still saying that this yumis not a command D:
  9. I've downloaded the last git version and when i run ./configure && make clean && make server i've got this Tried to delete and reinstall the folder 4 timesand i've got the same error :/
  10. If it is via NPC you can use that: rentitem ITEMID,86400; 86400 equals to 24 hours
  11. Is a diferent cash² i'm using the @cash command and even at players ir don't show as usable at the event shops