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  1. If i'm not wrong RE came about 2009, so you just need to search the exact date and use a client before that
  2. Check if you you have all the spr and img files at sprite and texture folder, and if the iteminfo at system folder is with the correct name for those sprite items
  3. -<TAB>script<TAB>whosell<TAB>-1,{ OnInit: unbindatcmd "whosell"; bindatcmd("whosell","ws::OnAtcommand",0,0); end; OnAtcommand: if(getgroupid() < 4) { end; } // If player group id is lower not happens searchstores 50,1; // Search stores and open them up to buy items end; }
  4. YOu need to take the sword sprite and make a folder with thiefs name and add this as a new "custom" weapon, so client will find the job folder and see the viewid for weapon there
  5. You need to make a custom mob with human forms and viewids(mob_avail) and use the id from this monster as npc sprite
  6. Hello everyone, i'm using a 201904 client and trying to create all visual robes in kRO grf, some of them worked very well, and others just don't show the sprites, anyone knows why or qhat can it be? My spriterobeid My spriterobename My item_db My iteminfo
  7. Here a full collection http://www.green-peach.net/?a=sprite&type=hat&name=Valkyrie_Helm
  8. Hi @Rytech, how you doing? i hope fine I really understand if the answer is not, but would you release your data + rathena for download? I'm really want to try these 4th jobs and make some discovers but i can't manage to open my skill window
  9. There's anyway to share these AP system? I really would like to transform it in some kind of runic system for a pre-re server
  10. See if your iteminfo in your system folder have the Elunium, Bradium, Oridecon, etc.... Probrably these itens don't exist there and appear as unknown itens for your client
  11. Where did u find them for download?
  12. Do you want a quest npc that accept a normal headger and gives you a custom one you have or to make this headger a costume headger?
  13. Sadly Functor thinks he's the guy around, the boss, is something very spensive that offers fucking 0 supports on it, what happen if i get issues with my host and i want to change? Well fuck you that's your problem and you gonna need to pay for a new one. And everything you need you have to share your src folder with him on his time, there's no config for the owner to do.
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