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  1. Well, the topic start just let people know that we're starting this activity and know their response, We didn't even say we're done with something. We already set the milestone and finished with that with secure product. Well, we might slow but steady. ow ): well, something different from ceres and fluxcp would be cool too o: Thanks Kido, we'll surely won't dissapoint you guys. Hey hyuna, I've included preview, Its not really good, still you can easily change this and we're working on its graphics too.
  2. @PapaZola, You can download from that git repository & check it, I'm not saying its done for even v1.0 but we've started it and open for bug hunting, suggestions & joining us
  3. ChangeLog V 1.0 Complete * Login, Register & Logout function added. * Logout with Click Jacking Protection (Fake URL won't work for logout e.g. http://yourcp.com/logout won't work, every login will have unique logout key which is private) As per our task and deadline, we've finished above tasks with SQL Injection protected, Cross Site Scripting Protected, and Clickjacking protected. Also Adding first look of CP. ============================================================================================ For further milestones, Check @ https://github.com/phpmonkeys/ragnarokcp/issues/milestones And waiting for your suggestions. ============================================================================================ Current first look of CP We know we suck at designing . Slot for designer is open if anyone's intrested ================================================================================================ Hey guys, Hello To Everyone We're phpmonkey's, And few of our members are die hard fans of Ragnarok... True that rest don't understand anything. But still due to their devotion towards ragnarok, we started a project. New control panel for Ragnarok. PHPMonkey's Ragnarok CPanel According to us, there are few control panels of ragnarok running well but just satisfying the basic needs. Not all the potential a cpanel can have. So we started our project with base of strong PHP framework. We've already started working on cPanel source & its available on our github repository. The project is opensource & Free to use and modify as you want. We've already created a list of required functions in cPanel. We won't revel all the functions here, as they're surprise for developers like you, and really reveling the real power of control panel. Currently we've milestone of V 1.0 with simple Login & Register function with multiple combinations of configurations giving expanded capabilities to developers to configure their controlpanel as they want. This project is MVC based, The main headache of existing control panel is you can't simple design them as you want them to be. so You can simple pikup any HTML template from the internet or design yourself and integrate it with existing cpanel within hour or two. Current Deisgn of cpanel on github is not so good but we will improve it by time. If any designer, developer is intrested in contributing, You're welcome folks. Just drop me a message. Thats is also one of our main motives. As the source code is availble. Any bug, suggestions for functions will be appriciated. Here's the link of our repository https://github.com/phpmonkeys/ragnarokcp This project is not at all to compete with anyone, this is just a geniune payback to ragnarok who made my life's segment so special for it. Thanks for reading the topic
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