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  1. Hello guys I need an NPC I saw on a server and wanted to put my, come on. When talking to the NPC you select o'que want to train (Melee or Caster) soon after selecting training you can already go out to kill the monster and every monster you kill you will gain exp it offers (example Poring It offers 2 exp, Alice it offers 3583 exp) from level 0 to level 1 you will need 1000 exp from level 1 to level 2 you will need 2000 and so on until level 40 once you reach level 40 you talk to the NPC again and you receive an item (Example Apple) thank you and excuse anything.
  2. I do not have much experience with ragnarok and do not know where to add these files you can tell me where I start to add these files, Thank You.
  3. Hello all right with you? I'm wanting an NPC with the following functions when you use a particular skill appears something like that "You use the skill X, Z times and when the count came to 1000 you win an item, Thank you for your attention and excuse me anything. An example of NPC: I used the skill "X" 3 times there appears in chat "X 3/1000" and if I use another skill for the first time appears in chat "Z 1/1000" if I use the skill again "X" appears in chat "X 4/1000" and so on, I want it with all the skill. If someone at least start making an example of NPC thus I can finish alone and put her in the forum.
  4. Hello I wanted to know where I find these names these classes to be able to make a substitution sprite, I downloaded the custom classes and I want to replace the current and do not know where else to find such names. ·Îµå³ªÀÌÆ® // = Lord ·ÎµåÆäÄÚ // = Lord mounted on peco ½º³ªÀÌÆÛ // = Sniper ½ºÅäÄ¿ // = Stalker ¾î½Ø½ÅÅ©·Î½º // = Sinx èÇÇ¿Â // = Champ Å©¸®¿¡ÀÌÅÍ// = Creator ÆäÄÚÆȶóµò // = Paladin mounted on peco Æȶóµò // = Paladin ÇÁ·ÎÆä¼­ //= Teacher ÇÏÀÌÀ§Àúµå //= HighWizz ÇÏÀÌÇÁ¸® // = Sacer È­ÀÌÆ®½º¹Ì½º // = WhiteSmith Áý½Ã_¿© // = Odalisca Ŭ¶ó¿î_³² // = Menestrel
  5. Is there anything I can modify to return to normal?
  6. In 2, the selection screen and in Game.
  7. I finally managed to add a custom class to my server, but when I put it in the former character is kind of bug in the head like this print, I have to add in some more pla beyond the data \ sprite \ aI ° £ Á · \ OAE \ ¿© and ³²?
  8. I've done the impossible and the possible to try to resolve this and so far nothing the business and the following whenever I Diff the Hexed with the "custom job enable" happens this crazy errors, and only when I mark this option happens this error when I did not in March this choice will all normal (only ta error when using some custom class), the error occurs right after I accept as an administrator, Ty who can help. First this happens after I hit "OK" a 2 ~ 4 appears low error. I'm using Hexed 2014-03-05 I did the tests with the same Hexed.
  9. Kurt Yori


    Hello. first I've tried everything possible and impossible not get a Hexed with "Custom Class Job" always an impossible error be overcome, I wanted a Hexed with "Custom Class Job" that does not give error to start, sorry I created in the wrong area if you can move to the correct area.
  10. The application failed to start due to side configuration incoreta side. See the Application event log or use the command line ferramenta sxstace.exe for more information. My Paint its bug. okay, try this : make a custom grf, then make a data.ini [Data] 0=xdata.grf 1=yourro.grf 2=rdata.grf 3=data.grf 4=sdata.grf then rathen/db/packet_db.txt packet_db_ver: 30 then clientinfo.xml <version>30</version then src/common/mmo.h #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20120410 //#define PACKETVER 20120410 Continuing with the same error.
  11. The application failed to start due to side configuration incoreta side. See the Application event log or use the command line ferramenta sxstace.exe for more information. My Paint its bug.
  12. I configured with Nemo and the Weediff and they always have the same error at the time you initiate and that misconfiguration.
  13. The folder data it's the same ?
  14. Whenever I go Diffar my Hexed and select the option to "Enable custom class" this error happens when I try to open it, I use Hexed 2014-03-05 and am Diffando with Nemo-Master. It will be that Hexed can not select this option ? I need one that has to select this option without error. Thank You.
  15. Hello, My Hexed be with one error, this happens right after I choose my character Happens this warning [Warning] clif_parsen: Received packet not bearable (packet 0x5452), 9 bytes received), disconnect session #3. [info]: Closing connection de 'xxx.x.x.x'. Sorry does not put the Print my Paint bug. Can someone help me ? Thank @edit Extra information I'm using the Hexed date 2013/09/17 already modified the mmo.h, the date folder and the system and I have not the slightest idea of date.
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