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  1. @Radian Thank you very much, I already try. When slave timeout it working can set variable to player character. But when slave die same problem "No player attached for player variable".
  2. morocc,172,162,4 script Slave 96,{ set .ItemSlave, 7224; set .ItemAmount, 50; set .SlaveTime, 360; set .SlaveTimeOut, .SlaveTime*1000; getmapxy(@map$, @xb, @yb, 0); if ( cloneactive == 1 ) { mes "[ Slave System ]"; mes "^FF0000YYour slave still alive"; mes Or not time out^000000"; close; } if ( countitem(.ItemSlave) < .ItemAmount ) { mes "[ Slave System ]"; mes "^FF0000You have "+getitemname(.ItemSlave)+""; mes "less than "+.ItemAmount+" ea"; mes "Can't clone your slave"; close; } delitem .ItemSlave, .ItemAmount; clone @map$,@xb,@yb,strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnSlaveDead",getcharid(0),getcharid(0),0,1,.SlaveTime; addtimer .SlaveTimeOut, strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnSlaveTimeout"; set cloneactive, 1; end; OnSlaveDead: set cloneactive, 0; end; OnSlaveTimeout: set cloneactive, 0; end; Cancel: close; } I have a problem about Variable. I want to make Slave for rent. 1 player can rent only one slave and they can rent again after slave die or timeout.
  3. I know this command sir. But i need command for when player get hit by monster and then script start to check player hp and when player use some sp script start to check sp too :)
  4. I have idea to make Auto Heal script. But i have one problem i don't know how to check player HP and SP when player get damage.
  5. Anyone keep his files. Link doesn't work.
  6. Sorry @utofaery i meaning already make custom spr & act and give it to other people but they don't know how to add custom spr & act from me to data.grf i need some batch command or something for make it easy to install or add custom spr & act from me to data.grf.
  7. Hi everybody i like to edit original item, monster and npc for anybody free and i have 1 problem many people don't know how to add custom spr to data.grf. Please guide me how to add custom SPR to data.grf with only 1 click.
  8. I just want to make spr for drop on the floor but i try to make my sprite have a bg. Not for show on character. And can you guide me about act editor how to convert png to transparent spr file.
  9. If i want to convert this picture to tranparent bg spr how i can do it? Please guide me Sorry if have anyone already ask this question. Thank you.
  10. Give me more detail what do you want? if ( BaseLevel > 99 && Class > 20 ) { mes "Pass"; } Above meaning if your LV is 99 and your job class more than 20 script will show "Pass" text.