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  1. Can anyone help me about my problem This is the my script of onequip and onunequip { set eff885,1; while(eff885==1){specialeffect2 885; sleep2 6000; },{ set eff885,1; }please help me and fix in a correct format.
  2. [Links] Graphical Resources

    Can anyone tell me where can i get this custom/custume item ----- > file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/1476077_763360470346666_345825888_n.jpg
  3. My recolors :D [Kindly Rate]

    +1 Good Job I like the Animated Saiyan Aura. )) Download link please
  4. Please answer this problem because this is also my problem with my server skill range SS lvl 5 is a range and when i change it to lvl 10 the skill becomes meelee skill