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  1. Claro que puedes, debes asegurarte de que el firewall del vps no moleste, lo mismo para el webhost.
  2. vitox

    [Busco] Emulador Web Panel

    Vaya que interesante Promise, podrias dar algunas luces del proyecto? Agredecido de antemano!!
  3. vitox

    Problem with GM command

    hi I tried all the commands of Game Master on my server, but the command @size does not work ... when I apply it I get the message ''Size change applied'' but does not effect ... Is it wrong that I created the .Exe? I applied all recommended patches and fixes when i created it...also obviusly im admin lvl 99... I'm using the latest version of rathena compiled by myself, also recommended and stable exe. thanks! (im spanish, sorry for my bad english)