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  1. EIysium

    How to Enabled Fire Pillar in Land Protection

    db/import/skill_db.txt and paste: 80,9,8,2,3,0x20,1:1:1:1:1:2:2:2:2:2:2,10,3:4:5:6:7:8:9:10:11:12,yes,0,0x2000,5,magic,0,0x1, WZ_FIREPILLAR,Fire Pillar src/map/skill.cpp Find this line: case WZ_FIREPILLAR: if( map_getcell(src->m, x, y, CELL_CHKLANDPROTECTOR) ) return NULL; if((flag&1)!=0) limit=1000; val1=skill_lv+2; break; And comment below case WZ_FIREPILLAR: //if( map_getcell(src->m, x, y, CELL_CHKLANDPROTECTOR) ) //return NULL; if((flag&1)!=0) limit=1000; val1=skill_lv+2; break; Search this: //It deletes everything except traps and barriers if ((!(skill_get_inf2(unit->group->skill_id)&(INF2_TRAP)) && !(skill_get_inf3(unit->group->skill_id)&(INF3_NOLP))) || unit->group->skill_id == WZ_FIREPILLAR || unit->group->skill_id == GN_HELLS_PLANT) { if (skill_get_unit_flag(unit->group->skill_id)&UF_RANGEDSINGLEUNIT) { if (unit->val2&UF_RANGEDSINGLEUNIT) skill_delunitgroup(unit->group); } else skill_delunit(unit); return 1; } break; and remove: unit->group->skill_id == WZ_FIREPILLAR || //It deletes everything except traps and barriers if ((!(skill_get_inf2(unit->group->skill_id)&(INF2_TRAP)) && !(skill_get_inf3(unit->group->skill_id)&(INF3_NOLP))) || unit->group->skill_id == GN_HELLS_PLANT) { if (skill_get_unit_flag(unit->group->skill_id)&UF_RANGEDSINGLEUNIT) { if (unit->val2&UF_RANGEDSINGLEUNIT) skill_delunitgroup(unit->group); } else skill_delunit(unit); return 1; } break; Then recompile your server, i've tested by myself. Hope it helps.
  2. EIysium

    PlayBGMAll Question... (Updated)

    I tested custom BGM and seems works fine. Maybe you put the song name with the extension, playBGMall "bio5.mp3"; and should be playBGMall "bio5";
  3. EIysium

    Scripting Error

    You had an extra TAB in prontera,147,170,4 and you miss , in "Poison Bottle to Item Ticket" C_4; and should be "Poison Bottle to item Ticket",C_4; C_OW you miss put : Btw, i recommend you use switch(select in menu tab, is more easy to use and less tedious. I made an example script to help you: prontera,150,171,4 script Item Trader 622,{ disable_items; disable_command; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "Hello hello Hello!"; switch(select("Item Ticket to Yggdrasil Berry:Item Ticket to Poison Bottle:Yggdrasil Berry to Item Ticket:Poison Bottle to Item Ticket:- Close.")) { case 1: if (checkweight(607,100) == 0 ) goto C_OW; if(countitem(7284)<1) goto C_NI; delitem 7284,1; getitem 607,100; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "[There you go!]"; close; case 2: if (checkweight(678,30) == 0 ) goto L_OW; if(countitem(7284)<1) goto C_NI; delitem 7284,1; getitem 678,300; next; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "[There you go!]"; close; case 3: next; if(countitem(607)<100) goto C_NI; delitem 607,100; getitem 7284,1; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "[There you go!]"; close; case 4: next; if(countitem(678)<30) goto C_NI; delitem 678,30; getitem 7284,1; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "[There you go!]"; close; case 5: next; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "See ya!"; close; C_OW: next; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "Sorry you're overweight"; close; C_NI: next; mes "[^711872Trader^000000]"; mes "[You don't have the items]"; close; } } I recommend you use disable_items; and disable_command; to prevent exploits. hope it helped you.
  4. EIysium

    Regarding monster movement

    Hope this helps:
  5. EIysium

    Troca de Equipamentos

  6. You tried with @reloadscript?
  7. EIysium

    traps damage enemies

    You can put the condition in src/map/skill.cpp (See Magenta Skill from Ranger). For unit skills you can browse in db/skill_unit_db.txt.
  8. EIysium

    WS_CARTTERMINATION (485) problem

    You can edit in skill_db.txt Search: 485,-2,6,1,-1,0x0,0,10,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0,0x0, WS_CARTTERMINATION,Cart Termination And add: 485,-2,6,1,-1,0x0,0,10,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0,0x200000, WS_CARTTERMINATION,Cart Termination
  9. EIysium

    remover card (full pvp)

    prontera,112,167,5 script Removedora de Cartas 856,{ Main: mes "[^FF0000Yuna^000000]"; mes "Hola! ^FF0000 "+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000 que te trae por aca?. Quieres remover alguna carta para tu nueva build?"; mes "No te preocupes que yo nunca fallo!"; mes "Dime que necesitas!"; next; switch(select("Quiero remover una Carta.:No, gracias.")) { case 1: mes "[^FF0000Yuna^000000]"; mes "Veamos examinare tus equipos... que lugar deseas retirar?"; next; setarray [email protected]$[1], "Casco","Armadura","Mano Izquierda","Mano Derecha","Manta","Zapatos","Acc. Izquierdo","Acc. Derecho","Aura","Alas"; set [email protected]$,""; for( set [email protected],1; [email protected] <= 10; set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ) { if( getequipisequiped([email protected]) ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "-" + "[^FF0000" + getequipname([email protected]) + "^000000]"; set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + ":"; } set [email protected],select([email protected]$); if(!getequipisequiped([email protected])) { mes "[^FF0000Yuna^000000]"; mes "Young one... Your not wearing anything there that I can remove cards from."; close; } if(getequipcardcnt([email protected]) == 0) { mes "[^FF0000Natsuki^000000]"; mes "Me has venido a jugar una broma verdad? , tu equipo actual no trae ninguna carta!!"; close; } set [email protected],getequipcardcnt([email protected]); if (!checkweight(1202,([email protected]+1))) { mes "^3355FFAguarda un momento..."; mes "Yo no puedo darte mis servicios"; mes "por la simple razon"; mes "de que has llegado a un peso 50% o 90% que no es considerable"; mes "Si tienes items que no tienen valor mejor vendelos en algun npc mercader cercano"; mes "y vuelve a hablarme denuevo."; close; } mes "[^FF0000Yuna^000000]"; mes "Este item contiene " + [email protected] + " cartas dentro de este equipo. Deseas retirarlas?"; next; if(select("De acuerdo!:No, mejor olvidalo") == 2) { mes "[^FF0000Natsuki^000000]"; mes "Muy bien, si no quieres retirar alguna carta no hay problema, ya sabes en donde estoy!"; close; } next; successremovecards [email protected]; mes "[^FF0000Yuna^000000]"; mes "Listo! he podido remover sus cartas satisfactoriamente!."; next; goto Main; case 2: mes "[^FF0000Yuna^000000]"; mes "Muy bien, si no quieres retirar alguna carta no hay problema, ya sabes en donde estoy."; close; } }
  10. In conf/groups.conf you can modify who can see hp bar (?) EX: id: 10 name: "Law Enforcement" inherit: ( "Support" ) level: 2 commands: { hide: true follow: true kick: true disguise: true fakename: true option: true speed: true warp: true kill: true recall: true ban: true block: true jail: true jailfor: true mute: true storagelist: true cartlist: true itemlist: true stats: true } log_commands: true permissions: { join_chat: true kick_chat: true hide_session: true who_display_aid: true hack_info: true any_warp: true view_hpmeter: true <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< } },
  11. EIysium

    Missing Sprite [Summer, Xmas]

    It gives you an error because there is no weapon sprite for the Christmas class. Is same when you are Swordman and you have equipped Knife and you use Monk Suit, Monk's do not use knifes XD. Try this: 30502,Poção_do_Ilusionista_Noel,Poção do Ilusionista Noel,0,,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{},{ sc_start4 SC_XMAS,60000,0,0,0,1; },{ sc_end SC_XMAS; }
  12. EIysium

    How to enable on melee/normal AND skills

    4407,Randgris_Card,Randgris Card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,2,,,,,{ bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,10; bonus5 bAutoSpell,"SA_DISPELL",1,50,BF_NORMAL+BF_SKILL,1; },{},{}
  13. EIysium

    Why DEX 150 still casting?

    Because Renewal system uses another formula for cast. if you want to remove just edite src/config/renewal.hpp and search #define RENEWAL_CAST and add // //#define RENEWAL_CAST
  14. EIysium

    how remove reflect on mvps

    Search db/pre-re or db/re if you are using renewal mode open mob_skill_db.txt and search: 1086,Golden Thief [email protected]_REFLECTSHIELD,attack,252,10,10000,0,300000,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,6, 1086,Golden Thief [email protected]_REFLECTSHIELD,chase,252,10,10000,0,300000,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,6, don't miss @reloadmobdb
  15. EIysium

    Sniper Conf

    Para modificar el daño de alguna Skill sólo debes ir a src/map/battle.c y buscas la skill a modificar, por ejemplo Double Strafing que sería AC_DOUBLE y editas el skillratio a tu gusto. case AC_DOUBLE: case MA_DOUBLE: skillratio += 10 * (skill_lv - 1); break;