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  1. anyone has this jro pallete? thanks!
  2. Can you help me what error is this? Gepard :: SY Code 120:: -1073741801. How can i fix this?
  3. Is there a solution to that? please help me to fix it. thanks a lot!
  4. Hello! I can't find this headgear anywhere. May i know if there is a member here that has these crowns? Thanks a lot
  5. The script on the rathena enchan_arm.txt doesn't give text color on armor item. it is always color white. is there a solution for that? help please thanks!
  6. Hello. Is there a pvp script that has simple announcer. Ex. If a player killed another player it will announce on the map "Player1 killed Player2 [x]". where the "x" is the kill streak count. after the player 1 is killed by another player or logging out or going out the map. the kill streak count will reset. Thanks!!
  7. Is the script is already released? because i saw on a official ph ragnarok server.
  8. good day! i am looking for stojan upg script. i can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  9. I get script_rid2sd: fatal error ! player not attached! help pls
  10. please help me. i want the hourly point to have limit. Ex. after the player reached 5hours it will reset to 0 after when the server ticks to the next day thanks! hourlypoints.txt
  11. paturo naman kung papaano? salamat
  12. pwd ba gumawa ng patch. tapos after patching ung mga file hindi mapupunta sa grf. mapupunta sya dpt sa mga folders like System. pag kasi mag aadd ako ng custom item. need pa magadd sa system/iteminfo.lub. salamat sa tutulong
  13. when a player died on specific map like guild_vs3. the player will automatically respawn/teleport on the save point
  14. thanks.. but i need the spr and act file hahaha ..
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