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  1. What about of @mail in new clients? Still broken?
  2. You're right, the owner of sprite called "Oracle" is Unmei, but all server-side structure are own
  3. I have already finished 3 custom classes for personal use (Soon I will open my server). I would like to make the structure of your Kafra Class.
  4. Omg, good job @dreinor17 Do you wanna make a custom job with Kafra Sprites?
  5. Hi everyone, someone has these maps?: map: bat_a03 map: bat_a04 map: bat_a05 map: bat_b03 map: bat_b04 map: bat_b05 map: schg_cas06 map: schg_cas07 map: schg_cas08 map: arug_cas06 map: arug_cas07 map: arug_cas08 map: rush_cas01 map: rush_cas02 map: rush_cas03 map: rush_cas04 map: bat_c03 map: bat_c04 map: bat_c05 map: bat_c06 map: bat_c07 map: bat_c08 map: region_8 Regards ~
  6. Maybe the custom will show effect only when you walk? try view it with spr view. If you want to make it equip as a robe, you will have to add it with different way. You cant add it just like a normal custom. See the Act of this sprite, in Idle action has 17 frames. I think these are frames when the pj is stand. About of Robe Costume, It had also put wings and all display ok, but these wings aren't animated.
  7. Hi, today I added the famous Lhz bio aura but this don't display, however when my pj walk this is visible. Also, I tried put Lhz Aura in Robe Costume but this don't display animated. Can anybody help me? Regards. PS: Mi client is 2012-04-10.
  8. is it possible limit cast skill of Asura strike at 80%? for that has always cast
  9. Easycore


    Thank you! and we'll see by the 2nd OBT what we'll be able to do Keep in mind the idea of Share on FB for points. I'll waiting, regards and thanks for this incredible work.
  10. Easycore


    Great work! you think it is possible to add a function like "Share on Facebook for points"?
  11. This is the official behavior of the client, you simply disabled the feature when diffing it. If you're using NEMO, uncheck "Disable 1rag1 type parameters". In your patcher's configuration file, set the client's arguments to "-1rag1" and that's all. This is not a perfect protection; players can still skip your patcher if they really want to (it's good enough for most cases though). Thanks for you reply, I would like implement this function only for forcing players to update. Regards
  12. Hi rAthena, it's possible launch the .exe only with Patcher? nullifying the option to open normally (from "YourRo.exe for eg.) Regards ~
  13. Hi community, I don't know how attach all players on specific map and later run the script "Cutin". Anyone know make this? Regards
  14. What do you mean with compatible with 20ff69e?
  15. Hi community, I would know how to change the new Quest Log: For Old Quest Log: I using rAthena revision 17698 , Data 2012-04-10 & exe 2012-04-10 RE_J. Regards
  16. I posted this topic because i have a problem with elemental damages, when the player receive physical damage, nothing reduced this damage. Only occurs with physical damages, magic are functional. Cards or equip with reduction by races also work. Ghostring Card: (Damage not reduced) 2x Deviling Card + Ghostring Card: (Damage not reduced) 4x Dustiness Card and Thunder storm received: (Damage reduced) It's so weird. Regards
  17. Hi, I saw that in "mob_skill_db" has a column used to mob talk: 9999,[email protected],chase,137,25,10000,0,10,no,target,always,0,,,,,,,19 <-- this I wonder where's located the file that contain these text, someone know? Regards and sorry for my bad english.
  18. In "[email protected]_type = getiteminfo( getequipid( EQI_ACC_L ),5 );" I change the EQI_ACC_L for EQI_HAND_R (ACC_L is for accesory). But all weapons takes "Case 2:" (One-hand sword) bonus :/ Well... the problem was that number of "getequipid" was wrong, the correct is 11.
  19. In "[email protected]_type = getiteminfo( getequipid( EQI_ACC_L ),5 );" I change the EQI_ACC_L for EQI_HAND_R (ACC_L is for accesory). But all weapons takes "Case 2:" (One-hand sword) bonus :/