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  1. What client? I remember last year I have finished something like this.
  2. It won't. Unless it's some custom made tool for RO with packet obfuscation support. Thank you for your response. Is there a possibility to bypass this packet obfuscation? besides on grf nodelay? Yes. It's pretty easy to bypass this. Since the keys and the "encryption" method will always be present on the client.
  3. HaShield = Solution? Excuse me? It's a horrible protection..truth to be told. Harmony and Gepard are both on the top of this game. Although Harmony is extremely outdated, I'm not sure why the author did not continued it..but it is way better than most "protection" nowadays. Source of info: 1 guy from the Philippines bypassed ALL anticheat present today for RO.
  4. Nope, Xampp is a webserver. PHP is a programming language. Another PHP is the software used to interpret PHP so you can run it on your webserver. Getching?
  5. _jx

    Web Designs

    The last one is the best, gj.
  6. I know how to allow a [email protected], but IP? Could you please explain further? Can I bump this please? EDIT: Fixed!! The solution is, you need to grant [email protected]
  7. Good evening to all, does anybody here have an idea why flux is displaying this error? Message: [i]SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'xxx.xxx.x.x' (using password: YES)[/i] From what can I see, VPS is blocking flux. Any workaround to let the Fluxcp touch the vps? I'm finding solution for about 14 hours ++ now. The webhost is not replying at all, so I guess asking here won't hurt. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  8. _jx

    Is this possible?

    Thanks (: EDIT: But it seems that it has some stability issues. Thanks anyways!
  9. Agree. Outdated na Xray.
  10. How about a custom aura wherein if a player completes an armor set (e.g valkyrie set, diablo set) he/she will display a custom aura. Or any indicator that he wears that set. Tell me guys, is this possible?
  11. Saang cpanel ba? Do you mean webhost?
  12. Have you finished compiling it? If not, then make sql
  13. Source code modification po yan, master.
  14. conf > battle > skill.conf change to or baka yung skill na sinasabi mo e ung mga skill na kailangan naka link din ung linker.
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