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  1. Saya tidak pernah bermain official server. Gara gara membantu kawan membuat server RO menggunakan emulator eAthena saya memahami apa itu server dan apa itu client. Perkara yang gagal ditampilkan atau diketengahkan oleh mereka yang tahu pembangunan source code ialah satu emulator yang serasi (compatible) kepada status semasa official server. Kegagalan ini berterusan dari eathena, ke 3CeAM, ke rAthena dan akhirnya ke Hercules. Perpecahan core developer menjadikan emulator RO tidak pernah mencapai satu tahap keluaran stable source code. Saya sentiasa ingin aktif membantu, malang sekali saya bukan pakar dalam bidang source code. Apa yang saya mampu ialah membantu proses memahami pembinaan server RO kepada pemula.
  2. File Name: Xantara's FluxCP for rAthena File Submitter: OnNplay File Submitted: 15 Dec 2013 File Category: Web Resources Content Author: Xantara Flux Control Panel updated by Xantara. Click here to download this file
  3. Setiap patch jangan dibuat terlalu besar. Biar banyak patch bukan besar patch.
  4. sclientinfo.xml digunapakai kepada sakray client iaitu versi lama. clientinfo.xml digunapakai kepada ragnarok client dan ragnarok RE client.
  5. Very good control panel after CeresCP and StarGamesCP.
  6. Try this, luac.exe -o outputfile.lub inputfile.lua example: luac.exe -o accname.lub accname.lua luac.exe -o accessoryid.lub accessoryid.lua luac.exe -o MsgString.lub MsgString.lua
  7. If update contains file that you already edit you need to redo again the edit.
  8. Seem every new client easily can be extracted out their packets, how about source code that working for newly found packet. As I understand packet db still need communication part in source code that handle it.
  9. This project just no news at all. Those days Open Client also seem very good too.
  10. Use coordinate in pixel. Top left on main image are x=0 y=0
  11. Since which client date "Themida protection" is used?
  12. Hopefully Ind still remember this project. Seem Ind very busy with Hercules.
  13. I in my interest to provide a free rathena hosting for the community. These are the few must conditions: 1st, you must be a Malaysian. 2nd, you submit a copy of national identification card. 3rd, you will do an online webcam session with me for verification. 4th, you already knows and ever successfully run rathena and client. 5th, you should ready to use linux. What you get: 1st, Shared dedicated hosting (not vps) Xeon Quad Core 3.4Ghz. 2nd, 2000Mbps / 2Gbps internet speed (1st ever super speed in the world for rathena). 3rd, Webspace and MySQL database for Control Panel. Since its free, I will impose some limitation from time to time. 1st, 10 players count per server. 2nd, time for online 12hrs perday. 3rd, Offline on Saturday. Maybe I miss some thing to say here, so please ask for crystal clear.
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