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  1. Just tested Functor Method, works fine now. Thanks.
  2. Yup ! That's a cool way to personalise your roads !
  3. As Azura Skyy said, this is extremely time consuming and pretty frustrating the first times, just to find the correct texture and the correct position is really annoying BUT it really gives this vanilla look on your maps that i really love so i recommand u try it out. Also there's the solution where u can simply copy paste the road u want. All these are roads i found on different prt_field maps.
  4. As expected, it was a graphic card problem, i just changed it in the setup and it was all good. Still don't know why my other graphic card had such a problem as it's supposed to be the most powerful. Thanks anyway Najara !
  5. Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you ever had this problem before ? It mostly happens when i play with the camera but still, it's very annoying. Sometimes it's fine. Does anyone have an idea of what could be done to solve this problem ? Is it a graphic card problem ? I'm using the 620rev of browedit, i tried re-saving it in the 586 version wich didn't do anything. Any help is appreciated here !
  6. It looks great, i did the same thing a few days ago following the prontera fields maps style ! How often are u streaming ? I would love to watch it in live !
  7. I played a bit with the ctrl+c in yuno_in02, im having no crash so far. Im using R586.
  8. try /notrade ? or maybe @noask ?
  9. Hello, diff your exe with something like "skip welcome msg". i had the same problem before
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