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  1. Bad idea, there is definitely some private information involved in this. He's welcome to share his conclusions though, I'm sure a lot could be learned from them.
  2. Happy new year.
  3. God Jul.
  4. You're 200 years or something off the mark. Geniuses figured out the Maya calender all wrong-like.
  5. To have the balls to be close to the original thing, in both rates and unmodified content. Because, ironically enough, that is the hardest thing to find these days. It does not seem right.
  6. [media=][/media]
  7. Quite.
  8. I thought DDOS protection was pretty common among hosting services nowadays?
  9. I just feel like my turf has been steadily disappearing. Don't really know anymore where else to go to, there aren't many online games left that I like. I think I look at the lowrates section of this forum almost every day to see if something better has shown up. It makes me sad.
  10. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I should start my own server (and then be the only one that plays on it). I hear that's a pretty surefire way to get tired of the game.
  11. I don't know. Nothing. It just feels like that for all these dozens upon dozens of invariably custom servers, there should be at least a couple that are really true to what RO.. well.. is. Before rAthena that wasn't even an option. Emulators emulate, right?
  12. I need to get a couple of things out of my system. First of all, why is it that so many who prefer Pre to Renewal desperately cling to the idea that Renewal is unbalanced? Sure, even if it is, it makes no sense! 99% of all Pre server are unbalanced in some way, through custom rates, custom content, special npc's, voting schemes.. the list goes on. But something else. Before rAthena came we all had to learn how to be content with Pre. Yes, 3rd classes were being rolled out on the official servers, but what could we do about it? We stopped nagging our local GMs and mods about it and moved on. I think we were even pretty happy with the way things were. Sure there were plenty of dodgy servers, but we all had an 'as good as it gets' sort of mentality. There was a server for everyone. rAthena, with its promise of MORE has kind of shattered that feeling for me. Wants and desires can no longer compete with what we can actually get - which on average seems to be some kind of mix between Full Renewal and a PreRenewal 'we-have-to-add-500-custom-features-to-make-this-server-interesting-in-the-face-of-overwhelmingly-bland-competition' kind of attitude. Since rAthena there has been so much potential for a great, true Ragnarok Online experience. But after nearly one year of server hopping and waiting around, I'm not sure if I can bear any more of it. Here's a picture of a sad bear: A true classic really.
  13. Alright, someone pointed me to the RMS test server and I was able to debunk my theory. Seeking attack isn't an 'auto attack' that translates to plants. Would have been fun, but.. alas
  14. So.. erm.. little question. Hope it's alright if I do so here.* There's several things equips, cards and skills that add Seeking Attack. I know what it does, it adds a small amount of damage to all physical attacks you make, even if they miss. Usually it's quite small. Effectively, it means that all your attacks connect. This can be quite useful if, for example, your build relies on autocasting equips. My question is about alchemists and their bio cannibalize / summon flora skill. If you summon some plants, their attacks count as *your* attacks and they trigger autocasting equips. Is this also the case for equips that add Seeking Attack damage? If I could summon a group of lowly mandragoras, and ALL their attacks connect via Seeking Attack, my own 'autocast aspd' would probably hit the roof. So, does Seeking Attack work for summoned plants? * I used to post these kinds of questions all the time elsewhere, but that place & its server (not the one in the signature) shut down not too long ago. The rAthena boards is really the only active, large RO community I'm aware of.. so.. I hope it's alright here. People don't seem to ask gameplay things much. It does say Ragnarok in the forum description.