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  1. Hello everyone!

    Resume of back story:
    While I was studying I made a API based in rAthena database to use in a private project, I tried something like it to help me but there is none so I'm making it public and if someone want to help, can make a branch and send PR (like all others projects out there).

    Language: ASP.NET Core 2.2
    It can be deployed in linux or windows servers, just need to install SDKs. Soon I will make a how to in wiki setion to help on it.

    For now it has only:
    Generate bearer token;
    Get self account information; (some infos are hidden based in the group_id of the requester)

    My goal is to delivery a complete API that can do everything that others CP's can do and more but totally based in RESTFull, so far I don't plan to make any front-end project, it's up to you guys.

    Repo: https://github.com/luan122/ROAPI

    The link to test the master branch is: http://luan122-001-site4.atempurl.com/swagger/index.html I will keep it updated everytime the master branch gets a new release.

    PS.: For now i will break the commit history since I uploaded it with some bugs, but after the fixes it will get correctly, thanks all.

  2. hey guys, could someone help me with it?
    in the item_db_re we has eaclass()&EAJL_2) == EAJ_MONK when we are sura eaclass()&EAJL_2 returns 512 but EAJ_MONK is 516
    did the ids changed in some point?
    looks like it happens with all 3rd

  3. On 4/18/2019 at 5:19 PM, TrueNoir said:

    Yeah I was kind of surprised with the new rewrite into c++ that a plugin manager wasn't added for source edits that way it would be easier to port plugins and keep them separate and be able to manage them easily as well as add them in. Cause currently the way things are every new patch the source edits have to completely be redone making it a pain for people selling source modifications and the people who bought them.

    to avoid it you can use stash from github until they doesn't release plugin system, i think it will take more 6 months until someone take care of it.

  4. 35 minutes ago, KeyMaster said:

    I do not even remember what it was, months ago I had seen it, and I'm always going through several servers to see what news each one has. May be RO:Start or Ragnite or Ragna Royal... do not remember  🤔

    it could be a feature from ragnarok zero client... but i'm not sure and i'm very very very outdated with ragnarok haha

  5. in player.conf you has an option to change it:
    // Adjust the summoner class' special traits.
    // 0: Summoners behave like other classes.
    // 1: Summoners belong to brute race instead of demi-human
    // 2: Summoners are small size instead of medium
    // 3: Both of the above (official value)
    summoner_trait: 3
    Just set it to 1 or 2

  6. 3 hours ago, pajodex said:

    Thanks! Exactly why I made this script. A lot of players just abuse of feed their main character for kills to get to the top of the rankings. But with this, he'd be doubling his effort to cheat this system.

    do you plan to release it? If yes, will be free or paid? xD

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