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  1. I think, the best server that trends right now has these things: Good Economy(Players can maximize the loots, quests for money purposes(zeny, items, etc) Balanced(Non Donator vs Donator wherein, donator has an edge but still, can be defeated by talent) GMs are not bias (GM should be fair to everybody) Active PvP Room (Pvp room should be always active or there are always players that play inside the pvp room) Active WoE (players always prepare things needed for the woe, or playing woe for something or etc) Active/Friendly/Rivalries Community (one of the purpose of guild war is rivalries, some guilds fight for glory, or they want to prove something,) Less Bugs (in a server, bugs cannot be avoided, but could be lessened.) That's all, if you have something in your mind, feel free to add them.
  2. do you have a background in your patch url? i mean, the background that was intended for that thor patcher?
  3. e2 sa groups.conf example: groups: ( { id: 0 /* group 0 is the default group for every new account */ name: "Player" level: 0 inherit: ( /*empty list*/ ) commands: { warp: true commands: true (ibig sbhn, @warp at @commands ang available sa level 0 na player or ung tinatawag n normal player ) } permissions: { /* without this basic permissions regular players could not trade or party */ can_trade: true can_party: true } },
  4. yep papost ng whole script para matulungan k namin hehe
  5. since dito ka sa rAthena nagpost, dito mo mkkha ang server files ng rAthena emu https://github.com/rathena/rathena tapos kung hindi k pa marunong mag setup ng server, dito mo nmn mkkha lahat ng tutorial na kailangan mo Hit green button kung nkatulong aq sayo hehe
  6. additional, bka hindi mklimtan mong gwn. kpg mag lalagay k ng custom npc, kailangan nka set din un sa scripts_custom.conf nasa loob yn ng npc folder.
  7. use .gif images or flash animations buddy
  8. aling server ang na ddc? char map o login? =P
  9. kapag skill damage, dun sa src ka ppnta, battle.h or .c i guess.
  10. This suggestion is great! So that, paid developers/designers/etc will be able to know who needs a specific paid work.
  11. File Name: RWC 2012 HAT from pRO File Submitter: Cloud Digital Designs File Submitted: 18 Aug 2013 File Category: Headgears Content Author: pRO Headgear from pRO Click here to download this file
  12. Version 1


    Headgear from pRO


  13. Here is the sprite for the Saiyan Costume from pRO (Reupload) Simple thanks will be ok. http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2976-saiyan-costumeheadgear/ Simple thanks will be ok. RWC 2012 (pRO) http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2978-rwc-2012-hat-from-pro/
  14. Sorry, I failed to check it, btw thanks a lot buddy more power to rAthena
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