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  1. Hey everyone, The tool I am releasing is able to create RO sprite images in almost the same way as the official client does it. Means all it requires are the official data.grf files. You can compare it to ROCharGen. I've been working on this project for quite some time, mostly due to changing to some other fad regarding programming languages and re-implementing the logic everytime. However I have now stick to one and actually got it to a point where it is possible to release it (actually the code has been up on github the whole time). So what exactly does it do? Given a data/ folder that contains the necessary sprite and lua files, it creates a set of png images for specific job ids. In case of animations it instead creates an apng image. Examples Webservice As written in the topic title the tool is available as a CLI tool (see examples) or as a webservice. Means you can put it on your server and make requests to it to view for example the character sprites of your players. For that I have created a FluxCP addon which interacts with the webservice: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer-fluxcp-addon. Setting up the whole thing is not as easy as ROCharGen hence there is a comprehensive tutorial available to get up and running: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer-fluxcp-addon/wiki/Tutorials FAQ Q: Can it create signatures like ROCharGen with background image, name, level, etc.? A: No. Q: Can it render 3d sprites such as the Guild Guardians, Treasure chests or Emporium? A: No, only 2d sprites Q: Can it render 4th jobs and new expanded classes such as Shiranui, Spirit Handler or Hyper Novice? A: Yes. Q: Can it render my custom items? A: Yes, with the exception of shields. Q: Can I use it for Ragnarok Online Zero? A: It has not been tested. The tool was created based on Renewal and just as that uses the lua files from the GRF which might not be available for Zero. Q: How do I use this? A: For a server setup read the tutorial: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer-fluxcp-addon/wiki/Tutorials. If you just want to fiddle around I recommend building the CLI tool. See the build instruction on the github. For windows you may also directly download the binaries from the releases page: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer/releases. Q: How do I update the data when I release a patch for my server? A: Currently there is no automatic process. The tool zextractor that we use in the tutorial supports also GPF and THOR. So you would need to upload your patch to the server and extract the data as done in the tutorial. Q: Why should I use this if I use ROCharGen already? A: You don't. Unless you are not happy with ROCharGen. Q: Can I use this for other purposes instead of just rendering Player sprites? A: Yes, for example you could use this for a database to automatically render sprites. You most likely don't want to use the FluxCP addon then but may reference it as an example. Links zrenderer repository: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer zrenderer windows binaries: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer/releases FluxCP addon repository: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer-fluxcp-addon Setup tutorial to get it up and running on your server: https://github.com/zhad3/zrenderer-fluxcp-addon/wiki/Tutorials Support Only limited support. There are still some features open I haven't implemented but since I consider this project overdue I just released it as is now. Regarding questions on how to setup I will only answer very specific questions referencing a specific step in the tutorial. Have fun!
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  2. Version 1.0.3


    What Included : a small map for the system the script what you should put in the instance db (you are free to change the id!) Description: if you play Tree Of Savior , you might know The Other Dimension. The main idea is the player can join The Other Dimension it's a solo instance he can join as much as he want , the Goal is to reach the Highest Stage impossible in 20 min or until he die! in Tree Of Savior The Other Dimension is one stage monsters and the 2nd stage boss endless (i didn't finish it before but the idea is to not finish it!) The rewards are sent to the mail at the end of the week see the config to edit it (search for OnInit) in Tree Of Savior the rewards are coins that you get each week you can do that and activate the shop option there is 1 array for the items id and 2 array for the counts the first count array is for any Participant the other count array is if the player was the first in his class and the Participants from his class is more than .MiniParticipants you can block classes , or even make the monsters per class (Check Add for more info) there is a rank option to check the players's max stage per classes there is no drop nor exp in the system! i Added 40 stage for testing and as example for you , just remove it all and build your own! the stages i added has no balance! add it to what best for your server. i suggest making +100 stage , make sure that no player can reach the final stage but make it really hard not impossible!! if you have problem with the script , you can use the forum post to report it to me, and me or someone else will help you fix it.
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  3. you can try like .. setarray [email protected]_item$, "Menu 1", "Menu 2", "Menu 3"; [email protected]_item_size = getarraysize([email protected]_item$); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]_item_size; [email protected]++) { [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ([email protected] > 0 ? ":" : "") + [email protected]_item$[[email protected]]; } [email protected] = select( [email protected]$ ) - 1; mes "You selected menu : "+ [email protected]_item$[[email protected]]; or setarray [email protected]_item$, "Menu 1", "Menu 2", "Menu 3"; [email protected]$ = implode([email protected]_item$, ":"); [email protected] = select( [email protected]$ ) - 1; mes "You selected menu : "+ [email protected]_item$[[email protected]];
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  4. little example setarray A_menu[0],"menu 02","menu 03","menu 04"; set [email protected],"menu 01";//Build First Item on Menu, cant put in <for>, it will looping for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(A_menu[0]);[email protected]++) {// add array item to menu set [email protected],[email protected]+":"+A_menu[[email protected]]; } select([email protected]);//menu list show out
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