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    Version 1.0.0


    Greetings! I have been thinking if it is correct to name this client as "fixed" or "modified", if you have a better option for the title, please leave it as a comment, btw here is a version of the client 2018-06-21aRagexeRE with some features that many people have been looking for for a while: Number of players with numbers instead of words: Fixed visibility of fake emblem from bg eAmod (It is not necessary to use the nemo patch for this) Fixed character removal time (I know there is a nemo patch for this, but a time ago there wasn't, btw it is not necessary to use that patch with this client) Extra information: For the modification of the "Number of players with numbers instead of words" to work you must do something before... first go to src /login/login.cpp and modify this: to this: And that's it, enjoy your client exe And thank @Functor, without his help this would not be possible.


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    View File Doll Machine - Halloween Edit October is coming and I'm preparing - I made this sprite in 5 minutes just to go according to the Halloween theme. Use it at your will regards. Submitter iraciz Submitted 08/28/2020 Category NPC Sprites Video Content Author iraciz  
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    Konohagakure no Sato "[...] Is the hidden village of the Land of Fire. As the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries." Ingame
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    OnPCLoadMapEvent: while( strcharinfo(3) == "mapname" ){ unequip EQI_HAND_L; unequip EQI_HAND_R; sleep2 5000; } end; FCP status can be bypass if they enter the map without wearing any equipment/weapons ... this kind of request should be done through source mod ....
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    prontera,154,183,5 script asdas 100,{ while ( [email protected] <= 531 ) { if ( getstatus([email protected]) ) dispbottom [email protected] +" "+ getstatus([email protected]) +""; [email protected]++; } } tested a paladin cast gospel and another player in party to receive the buff I got this list 30 // blessing 32 // increase agi 37 // holy weapon 38 // holy armor 187 // increase all stat 194 // increase hit 196 // increase flee 198 // max hp increase 199 // max sp increase 200 // attach strength 202 // increase def seems to match with data\skilldesctable2.txt Possible effects on allies: ^777777• 1-9999 HP heal • Remove all abnormal status (e.g. Curse, Blind and Poison) • Blessing LV 10 or Increase Agility LV 10 • Enchant Weapon or Armor with Holy property • Maximum HP or SP +100% • +20 to all stats • DEF +25% • MaxATK +100% • Flee Rate/HIT +50 ^000000 • Immunity against status ailments that immunity against status ailments, in my test server it says "All abnormal status effect has been removed" EDIT: wait, I got this • Immunity against status ailments ... checking which number it is now EDIT2: got it 214 // SC_SCRESIST
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