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    There´s a new method of upscaling imagens using Artificial Inteligence, based on Deep learning. Here´s the results of my tests with it (called ESRGAN) And there is another AI model that change animations to 60 FPS (Called DAIN) Original (about 10 fps)-> 60 fps (gif aproximation to post here)-> And the two methods can be combined: Its possible to make a 4k Remake of ragnarok with this?
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    View File World Boss Event // ========================================================= // World Boss System, scripted by Akkarin // ========================================================= // In this script's original state, a "World Boss" will // spawn in a random location after 10,000 monster kills // every 4 minutes past the hour. // // This script imitates the old World Boss mechanic from an // MMO called TERA. // // The location and MVP are selected at random from arrays. // ========================================================= Submitter Akkarin Submitted 01/28/2020 Category Games, Events, Quests Video Content Author Akkarin  
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    You are using ssl thor patcher doesn't support https, you need to make insecured directory to work the thor patcher
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    Open your 'db\castle_db.txt' and search for these values: If don't have, this is the problem. xD This error occurs because the function 'getcastledata' can't found the guild castle information located in 'db\castle_db.txt'.
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    Veo que no tienes nada en plist.txt, ahí debes poner los parches que vayas añadiendo, siguiendo la lógica de los ejemplos que se encuentran comentados ''//'' en config.ini, en ClientParameter= poner una url no es válido Si tienes un archivo en tu carpeta de RO llamado server.dat, eliminalo para recomenzar el proceso. Si necesitas mas ayuda agregame a Discord como Odin#0802 , no tengo problemas en ayudar
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    @Sehrentos can you try to add this ? on this script https://herc.ws/board/topic/15975-custom-unit-hp-bar-system/
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    Si tienes problemas de configuración, revisa este vídeo. Seguro encontrarás tu error.
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    Filter multiple accounts to have 1 loot access instead of many? update: Added filter_same_ip option in this test version. @Radian This need more testing and if possible, a better detection. Link: https://pastebin.com/4AEtSbVb
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    Hmm. At this point you're gonna have to wait for someone better to assist you. Sorry I can't be much of help.
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    Version 1.0


    These files are not created by me. I just found someone share a complete package of it on facebook. Thank him/her for collecting all these Skin across the world wide web, I believe some skin files was updated or fixed by him/her. So, I'll just provide a text file that contain the link to download these files from my dummy OneDrive Folder. Album Preview : http://imgur.com/a/b1MHG Installation Guide : Pick any RO Skin that you like and Download it to your PC/Laptop. Extract the files using 7-Zip / WinRar / WinZip / etc. Copy and paste the extracted files into the %System%/kRO/Skin/ folder. Again, I don't own any of these files. I just sharing the files. None of these are commercial items. Please insert / remain the credits in case you know who're them. Thank you.


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