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    Replace this files in your client "system" folder. monster_size_effect_new.lub monster_size_effect.lub
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    https://rathena.org/board/files/category/159-fully-coded-themes/ https://rathena.org/board/files/category/160-pre-designed-themes/
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    ?module=install&logout=1 log out 1st. . and install again.
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    Hallo, hallo everyone. This is going to be my very first release here, so I hope it can be useful. So basically I made a script command that checks whether the monster stated exists in the mob_db or spawns naturally (Some monsters doesn't spawn naturally but listed on the mob_db). So here's how it works. if(mobexists(1002)){ // It works with mob name too "mobexists("Poring")" mes "Yes its a Poring, of course exists foo!"; close; } else { mes "No that monster does not exist or maybe it just doesn't spawn."; mes "Meh! What ever floats your boat..."; close; } If the mob stated exists it returns a value of 1 if not it returns -1 or 0. So if you want this script command here's what you do: Step 1 - open src\map\script.c Step 2 - Find this line. BUILDIN_FUNC(checkvending) Step 3 - Right above it, just slap this code right in so it would look like this. Raw Code BUILDIN_FUNC(mobexists) //added code start { struct mob_db *mob, *mob_array[MAX_SEARCH]; const char* mob_id = script_getstr(st,2); int count; int i, j, k; if (!mob_id){ ShowError("buildin_mobexists: No Monster ID set."); return -1; } // If monster identifier/name argument is a name if ((i = mobdb_checkid(atoi(mob_id)))) { mob_array[0] = mob_db(i); count = 1; } else count = mobdb_searchname_array(mob_array, MAX_SEARCH, mob_id); if (!count) { script_pushint(st,-1); } if (count > MAX_SEARCH) { count = MAX_SEARCH; } for (k = 0; k < count; k++) { mob = mob_array[k]; for (i = 0; i < ARRAYLENGTH(mob->spawn) && mob->spawn[i].qty; i++) { j = map_mapindex2mapid(mob->spawn[i].mapindex); if (j < 0) continue; } if (i == 0) { script_pushint(st,-1); } else { script_pushint(st,1); } } return 0; } //added code end BUILDIN_FUNC(checkvending) Step 4 - Find this code. BUILDIN_DEF(getmonsterinfo,"ii"), Step 5 - Right below it slap this code right in too so it would look like this. BUILDIN_DEF(getmonsterinfo,"ii"), BUILDIN_DEF(mobexists,"i"), //added code Step 6 - Save and Recompile and Done. So there you go folks, just a little bit of finding and a little slapping here and there and your good to go. Reply to this thread if you're having any problems/errors.
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