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    Hello Everyone So as of late I am playing Pokemon game on discord and there is this sub game where the bot will spawn pokemon image on the channel and the user on channel only need to guess what is the name of the pokemon, it work to substitute Poke-Ball system and I think this system not far of from disguise so I am thinking to create this one just for the fun, the code is simple and crude so here if any of you interested to make it more robust please do get the needed file here: https://github.com/Litro/disguise-discord to run it you need to fill the value required in config.json file "token" : "" "apikey" : "", "WhiteList": [""], token: you can read the guide how to obtain discord bot token from here apikey: you need to request an API key. Please register an account in divine-pride.net forum and request a key in your profile page. WhiteList: is user id of staff that can use the command to start or stop disguise event. you can read it here for how to obtain it.
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    I open this topic to find out if anyone has a custom script already created or support me to made it with the Charleston Crisis enchantment system described on this iROwiki page: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Verus_Enchants This system is already working on NovaRO and can be viewed here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Verus_Equipment_Exchange Also with this occasion I wanted to share my modifications to the instance version of @Ziu, @Alayne and @DanielArt for the addition of the 6 missing equipements (Mass Charleston NPC) exchangeable with 10 Charleston Parts and part of the @llchrisll's file that introduces the 2 NPC PLUTO_09 and MARS_01 in Verus which allow you to purchase the Excellion Set and related enchantments: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Verus_Equipment_Exchange#Excellion_Set With these 2 files, the instance Charleston Crisis is almost complete, but unfortunately it will only lack the part related to the enchanters... alone I can not do it because I'm not a good coder but I think you could copy and edit from the system of enchantments of Mora, as reported by IROWiki: CharlestonCrisis.txt excellion_gear.txt
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    I do not think its a good idea make map-serv handle this kind of "hard" IA byself. Maybe a new module (login, char, map and the new one, ia_handler) that will only send the packets to map-server after calculated what to do.
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    topic starter is right, @item2 1501 1 1 0 0 4001 4001 4001 4001 @item2 1502 1 1 0 0 4001 4001 4001 4001 @item2 1503 1 1 0 0 4001 4001 4001 4001 make 3 clubs, each having different slots Item ID 1501 shows I have 3 poring card insert Item ID 1502 shows I have 4 poring card insert Item ID 1503 shows I don't have poring card inserted in other words this *isequippedcnt is totally depends on the amount of slots the equipment having if the check is just based on the player insert the card by double clicking the card, above post might give correct answer BUT if your server has a script that can slot cards into non-slot-able area (eg: rune, charms), then have to do source modifications ... maybe
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    src/char/char.cpp and search: !(start_job == JOB_SUMMONER && (charserv_config.allowed_job_flag&2))) Change (charserv_config.allowed_job_flag&2))) to (charserv_config.allowed_job_flag&1))) !(start_job == JOB_SUMMONER && (charserv_config.allowed_job_flag&1))) Don't forget recompile your server.
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