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    Hello! So far I mainly worked with flux websites but non-responsive. Today I worked on a website that is responsive and uses bootstrap. Still in progress and I did not add anything fancy to it other than time and player count Will be updating this topic as I get closer to integrating flux properly. I will maybe release this website for free when I'm done.
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    Hi folks! That's my first post here, so huh, take it easy on me. Well, I've been playing around with GRF editing, in fact almost a year now, and I think I finally figured out how to deal with .str files (actually I'm thinking about making a tutorial for that since I couldn't find it anywhere and had to figure it by myself) So I've made this, it wasn't meant to be a good-looking effect but rather an easy to avoid one, and I'd really like if you guys could rate it. Thanks Also sorry if that's the wrong area, I don't rly know for sure tbh;
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    behind the scene .... in case anyone share the same views and would like to join for discussion lol @AnnieRuru
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    501,Red_Potion,Red Potion,0,50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,15:50,,,{ itemheal rand(45,65),0; },{},{} // Structure of Database: // ID,AegisName,Name,Type,Buy,Sell,Weight,ATK[:MATK],DEF,Range,Slots,Job,Class,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV[:maxLevel],Refineable,View,{ Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } use the field eLV[:maxLevel]
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    These are so good !!
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    If you use Renewal, change the line below by changing the CHANGE HERE to the desired level, which in your case is 120. Remember that this file is set up to the maximum level of 255. In line "//Job - Renewal 255 Levels", normally line 21. //CHANGE HERE,0:1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8:9:10:11:12:13:14:15:16:17:18:19:20:21:23:24:25:4023:4024:4025:4026:4027:4028:4029:4030:4031:4032:4033:4034:4035:4036:4037:4038:4039:4040:4041:4042:4043:4044:4045:4046:4047:4048:4049:4050:4051:4052:4222:4225:4226:4227:4228:4238:4001:4002:4003:4004:4005:4006:4007:4008:4009:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:4015:4016:4017:4018:4019:4020:4021:4022:4054:4055:4056:4057:4058:4059:4060:4061:4062:4063:4064:4065:4066:4067:4068:4069:4070:4071:4072:4073:4074:4075:4076:4077:4078:4079:4080:4081:4082:4083:4084:4085:4086:4087:4096:4097:4098:4099:4100:4101:4102:4103:4104:4105:4106:4107:4108:4109:4110:4111:4112:4211:4212:4215:4218:4220:4223:4224:4229:4239:4240:4241:4242:4243:4244:4190:4191,1,112000,355000,615000,917000,1253000,1595000,2007000,2430000,2868000,3420000,3863000,4504000,4998000,5769000,6321000,7254000,7870000,9015000,9530000,11072000,11848000,13467000,14337000,16243000,17216000,19446000,20781000,23070000,24453000,27568000,29118000,31820000,34125000,37048000,40204000,42972000,45937000,49110000,52696000,57158000,61305000,67167000,72285000,77647000,83624000,91113000,98548000,107630000,119077000,131668000,145518000,160753000,177511000,195944000,216220000,238523000,263056000,290042000,319726000,324726000,329726000,334726000,339726000,344726000,349726000,354726000,359726000,364726000,369726000,374726000,379726000,384726000,389726000,394726000,399726000,404726000,409726000,414726000,419726000,424726000,429726000,434726000,439726000,444726000,449726000,454726000,459726000,464726000,469726000,474726000,479726000,484726000,489726000,494726000,499726000,504726000,509726000,514726000,519726000,524726000,529726000,534726000,539726000,544726000,549726000,554726000,559726000,564726000,569726000,574726000,579726000,584726000,589726000,594726000,599726000,604726000,609726000,614726000,619726000,624726000,629726000,634726000,639726000,644726000,649726000,654726000,659726000,664726000,669726000,674726000,679726000,684726000,689726000,694726000,699726000,704726000,709726000,714726000,719726000,724726000,729726000,734726000,739726000,744726000,749726000,754726000,759726000,764726000,769726000,774726000,779726000,784726000,789726000,794726000,799726000,804726000,809726000,814726000,819726000,824726000,829726000,834726000,839726000,844726000,849726000,854726000,859726000,864726000,869726000,874726000,879726000,884726000,889726000,894726000,899726000,904726000,909726000,914726000,919726000,924726000,929726000,934726000,939726000,944726000,949726000,954726000,959726000,964726000,969726000,974726000,979726000,984726000,989726000,994726000,999726000,1004726000,1009726000,1014726000,1019726000,1024726000,1029726000,1034726000,1039726000,1044726000,1049726000,1054726000,1059726000,1064726000,1069726000,1074726000,1079726000,1084726000,1089726000,1094726000,1099726000,1104726000,1109726000,1114726000,1119726000,1124726000,1129726000,1134726000,1139726000,1144726000,1149726000,1154726000,1159726000,1164726000,1169726000,1174726000,1179726000,1184726000,1189726000,1194726000,1199726000,1204726000,1209726000,1214726000,1219726000,1224726000,1229726000,1234726000,1239726000,1244726000,1249726000,1254726000,1259726000,1264726000,1269726000,1274726000,1279726000,1284726000,1289726000,1294726000,1299726000 This code will make the job level you set valid for all (including 3rd and expended) classes.
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    by short description There are 3 different generations of laboratory monsters: 1. Egnigem, Wickebine, Laurell, Errende, Josephina, Kavach, Armeyer 2. Seyren, Eremes, Kathryne, Margaretha, Cecil, Howard 3. Randel, Gertie, Celia, Chen, Trentini, Alphoccio, Flamel I collect them, correct mistakes, add every possible class to each monster, recolor them in 3 official color sets and improve their aura. As a basis, I took the logic of the first implemented sprites at lhz_dun01-03 If you compare the following kRO sprites with corrections in the changelog you will notice that the logic has ceased to be respected and the sprites do not even have sounds! [DONE] 1st classes, 2nd classes, advanced classes, 3rd classes, 3rd japan edition classes, king of the alley, the last one, custom extended classes, summoner The total number of sprites in the pack: ~150 classes (including different types of weapons) x 3 color sets x 2 different auras = ~900 sprites changelog: (!) Below are the non-clean gifs recorded using GifCam.exe over the Act Editor (!) So these can brake or accelerate and do not serve as an accurate image. These gifs are added just for reference For clarity, the background of the laboratory is taken, and the sprites are shown in transparent blue 969F9EE7 and with improved aura Seyren Windsor Eremes Guile Kathryne Keyron Margaretha Sorin Cecil Damon Howard Alt-Eisen Randel Lawrence Gertie Wie Celia Alde Chen Lio Trentini Ilaria Alphoccio Basil Flamel Emure Egnigem Chenia Wickebine Tres Laurell Weinder Errende Ebecee Josephina Kavach Icarus Armeyer Dinze The Last One & King of the Alley Cheril Belle (Custom) Weikath Valtz (Custom) Keytar Oracle (Custom) Rachel Wirth (Custom) Mary Liz Felany (Custom)
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    Version 1.0.0


    I Decide to release it for free Enjoy!


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    My Mistake. Add in npc.h after void npc_event_do_oninit(void); //Zell Duplicate int npc_event_export_2(struct npc_data *nd, int i); void npc_duplicate_2(struct npc_data *nd); int npc_timerevent_export(struct npc_data *nd, int i);
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    @ryokem There is a trick where if you leave a menu item blank, it won't show, but it will still use up the index. if ( [email protected] ) [email protected]$[0] = "Previous Page"; In this case the first page actually looks something like this ":<item1>:<item2>:<item3>:Next Page" Note that it starts with a colon ':'. This means index 1 (adjusted to be 0 later) will always correspond to 'Previous Page' regardless of wherever it is shown or not. Likewise the same thing happens for the 'Next Page' item only with a different index. This method cuts down on alot of extra math, loops and comparisons. However it leaves a security flaw in that players can possibly get to non wanted menus through packet manipulation. Therefore scripters will need to do further checks in their script after the menu selection depending on the usage to insure that selection is valid.
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