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    As of https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/ea88ea50546fd140bda875056f83a60b6b0bef96 you're using old emotion constants. You need to convert them by hand or with our conversion script: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/tools/convert_emotions.py
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    Try to use clif_displaymessage(fd, atcmd_output); after sprintf. sprintf only saves the formatted string into atcmd_output. With clif_displaymessage you send it to the client.
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    use pls the search funktion, or Google http://lmgtfy.com/?q=rathena+ip+login+reward
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    This map looks alright, though I can't really tell where Olrox's work ends and yours starts. The flower bushes/hedges in the town square and event area look nice, and I always like to see people include benches or chairs for players to sit on, like in the event area. My main criticism of the map is that it sort of seems like you tossed every model in the game in there, along with custom ones, and they don't necessarily mesh together very well. In the restaurant area, there are two different types of walls that surround the area, a mix of Olrox's custom trees and a default one from Gravity, a mix of modified Prontera buildings and Amatsu ones, and red pillars everywhere that look a bit cluttered. You could probably remove every second pillar aand it would look better- They've also all been copy/pasted with the same rotation and height, so it looks repetitive. This entire area is also completely covered in shadows, which is a common problem that appears on a lot of peoples maps. Here's a handy tip for shadows: The light that casts the shadows across an entire town/field (any outdoors) map seems to be placed all the way in the southwest corner of the map, when really, you should place it just a little bit south-west of the center. I've made a picture to help explain this: When you place a shadow all the way in the corner, the objects furthest away from it will cast an extremely long, big shadow that makes most of the northeast part of the map completely dark. The shadows close to your light (the blue circle) look decent, and everything outside that circle looks stretched out and shitty. By placing it closer to the center, you increase the total area of the map where shadows look good. You can also make the shadows even shorter by raising the shadow-casting light higher: In browedit 1 (I don't know browedit 2, sorry), when you select a light, you'll notice a vertical yellow line that goes up and down out of the light. Keep raising the light up until you find the end of that yellow line- This is generally a good height, as it'll make most shadows on the map be placed directly under the models, and objects near the edges of the map will have a shadow length that's 'close enough' to actual RO. I'd offer other suggestions, but there are 10,000 different versions of Prontera already. If you want to make a good looking edit of it, I suggest picking a theme and sticking to models/textures that fit, rather than using a bit of every everything in the game.
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    Click mo lang yung green up arrow icon sa baba ng post na to http://rathena.org/board/topic/69754-q-about-woe-status-like-server-status-for-flux-cp/#entry133060
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