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    WoE:Training Edition release! As of 7a011ecd, WoE:Training Edition and its related contents are now available on rAthena! First, I must mention that this update was brought to you by @Capuche, @Aleos, and @Cydh. This update would still not be a thing without them! The WoE:TE another version of War of Emperium for transcendent classes and below. Third classes and 2nd class of expanded classes are prohibited from participating. WoE:TE recreates all 5 of the Valkyrie and Luina realm castles called Gloria and Kafragarten. The entrance of WoE TE castle realms are located in Valkyrie and Luina. Some buffs and items are also disabled in WoE:TE for balance's sake. Content addition: - The WoE:TE system itself. - God Items Quest 3 Script engine addition: - OnAgitInit3, OnAgitStart3, OnAgitEnd3 These labels trigger when map-server receives WoE:TE castle data from the char-server, WoE:TE starts, and WoE:TE ends respectively. - agitcheck3, agitstart3, agitend3, gvgon3, gvgoff3 script commands. - getguildalliance script command. - See more about these recently added script commands in docs/script_commands.txt Secret signing off!
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    Hi, all. I'd like to tell all rathena members that I will setup an Aegis Server of EP14.3 which contained Rebellion for testing in a few days. We may found a lot of skills in rathena not very correct and the same in herc. But we can test to improve them through the Aegis Server which I setup in the future. I really hope the day rAthena will be closer to Aegis. Now, thes test way is here: Click I will apply an English patch in a few days. Update 2016.10.07 The lite patch(English) for kro client is here. https://www.mediafire.com/?dlkz6dqypbcxds3 Update 2016.10.06 The lite patch for kro client is here. http://pan.baidu.com/s/1cyxPAe Please upload an English patch if someone intersted.
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    File Name: [Free Release] Chubby Chick File Submitter: soulestar File Submitted: 14 Aug 2016 File Category: Animated Headgears Content Author: soulestar cute headgear (Trickster Online) enjoy it! Preview: or here [file include] * collection.bmp * item.bmp * drop.act * drop.spr * equip.act * equip.spr Click here to download this file
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    Hello everyone! I would like to take a moment and announce the release of the exclusive rAthena T-Shirt! You might be thinking, what's with t-shirts all of the sudden? Let's take a small step back and let me fill everyone in: Everyone is aware now that paid downloads have been removed from the Downloads section. The idea behind it was to provide a stable and secure place for people to sell and buy custom RO content. As a whole, rAthena has barely broken even through the paid downloads system. Many people who bought products immediately requested a charge-back thus getting the product for free and setting rAthena in the negative. Since the removal, those who had paid downloads up have requested for Payouts through the Nexus system. Many Payouts were paid either through rAthena Donations, Maki’s personal funds, or Akkarin’s personal funds. There are still quite a few requests that need to be paid off. I understand everyone’s frustrated at this time with getting their money for their products. Fast forward. One of the first attempts to help get people their money back (aside from normal donations or advertisements) is the idea of selling an exclusive rAthena T-Shirt! The base price of the shirt is $15 USD. We are offering the option to allow custom text to be put on the back of the shirt for an extra $5 USD. Due to shipping costs, any shipping outside of the Untied States will also cost an extra $5 USD (Sorry, but don't blame us!). So you've read this far, what about the shirt? What does it look like? Front: Back: Overall: Size Chart: Shirt Details: The shirt color is called "Royal" which most appropriately matches rAthena! This is our first batch, so we need to get a shirt count ordered by March 28! Head on over to the shop and help us out! I will update this topic after March 28 with the estimated dates of shirt arrival and then shipment out to the purchasers! You can view also view your purchase in the Client Area to confirm it went through. Side note: When checking out, make sure to select "Update Shipping Address" before you check out so that Nexus will confirm your shipping information. The idea was proposed to me by @AzuraSkyy who also took the time to setup everything and get the ball rolling! So a big, big thank you goes out to him!
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