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    Hi folks! I have a project to create a remote control panel to manage the emulator the panel will be a windows application not a web panel due to security and because I prefer this way (maybe will has a phone app too), it will include several options and will work only with ssh based servers. This is what the panel will have: Host configuration Initial configuration (To users that got a VPS instead a specific ragnarok server) 100% recovery root password from mysql Backup SQL backup Emulator Backup Full backup Remote backup Self backup Edit NPC (directly) 100% FTP access 100% Emulator functions Start server 100% Restart server 100% Stop server 100% Install emulador (will support all emulators) 100% Compile the server 100% Emulator logs 100% Change configurations of the server (all configurations can be edit in a simple way and friendly window (not a txt file) Server management Eddit Account informations ( will be possible to edit global variables too) Create accounts (GM or not) Char eddit Item give Cash give ViP give (need to check if is possible, how the server will act when we add vip outside) For now I have only thoose options and ideas (if you have more, please tell me) Windows RROCP skeleton (i need to work on the program, this is a gross program that i'm testing the functions and bla bla bla) auth window: auth window with language select: Main window with the function of players online working: Main window with SSH console window: Main window after compile action and highlight box: Tray icon (yepe xD): FTP window:
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    Go to your/path/ro/server/System Open the systeminfo.lua and dont forget to Increase my Rep let's rock I mean ClassNum In your "/serverFolder/System", open the file itemInfo.lua and add this code: [13500] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Black Rose", unidentifiedResourceName = "Blackrose", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "A rose that's increase your life.", "^000088+45 HP^000000.", "^FFFFFF_^000000", "Weight: ^7777777^000000" }, identifiedDisplayName = "Black Rose", identifiedResourceName = "Blackrose", identifiedDescriptionName = { "A rose that's increase your life.", "^000088+45 HP^000000.", "^FFFFFF_^000000", "Weight: ^7777777^000000" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 98 },
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    Клиент KRo ~16.07.2015 - СКАЧАТЬ Патчер EXE - СКАЧАТЬ ~2014 EXE - СКАЧАТЬ Будут вопросы пиши в личку.
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    Please at least test your solution before offering it to those who are in need. @Mihael, you should check your data/luafiles514/lua files/stateicon/stateiconinfo.lub That file contains all the client-side buff descriptions. Edit accordingly, but make sure you follow the formatting.
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