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    https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/1d1a58cdcb88fb0ba294d3ba827a1da653598cbe#commitcomment-6061944 the issue was fixed here: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/f7c09d95fdf0825f2c10fab8b516681797fa4f44#diff-d96b6365b4bdad78139e676d6e7e3295
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    If the VIP system is disabled, then the script runs, starting from line 104. And the changes I made above is after line 104. then, my changes should work for system with no VIP system. about the second question... you probably can refer to this: http://rathena.org/wiki/Monster and something like... onGarmDead: if ( rand( 2 ) ) { [email protected]_id = F_Rand( 501,502,503,504,505 ); getitem [email protected]_id,1; } put the item ids there, this makes the item goes straightly to the killer of that monster with 50% chance. if you want to give an item after a monster is killed, remove the rand(2) function
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    the few error above refer to CASE-SENSITIVE issue. bMAtkRate ---> bMatkRate same goes for others. and eliminate item that using same aegis name. the warning given are pretty self-explained, you should take a look closely on the warning on which part having issue and what issue is it.
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    Well you can use this //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Item Rewards NPC //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.8 //===== Description: ========================================= //= Useful for event rewards, when a player is not necessarily online. //= Logging is available, if needed (holds 128 names). //= Note: Unclaimed rewards are limited to 64 at a time. //============================================================ prontera,156,195,6 script Item Rewards 836,{ // --------------------- Config --------------------- // Package format is "ID1,Count1,ID2,Count2,..." // GM Access: Level required to open the GM menu. // GM Delete: Level required to erase entries. // GM Logging: Level required to manage logs. set .GMAccess,60; set .GMDelete,80; set .GMLogging,99; set .PackageCount,3; setarray .Package1[0],501,1,502,2,503,3; setarray .Package2[0],601,5,602,10; setarray .Package3[0],607,10; // -------------------------------------------------- if (getgmlevel() >= .GMAccess) goto GM_Menu; mes "[Item Rewards]"; set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize($itemreward$)) { if (strcharinfo(0) == $itemreward$[[email protected]]) goto GetReward; set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } mes "You have no rewards pending."; close; GetReward: if (((Weight*100)/MaxWeight) > 49) { mes "You are over the weight limit."; close; } if (!checkweight(5055,getarraysize(getd(".Package"+$itemreward$[[email protected]+1])))) { mes "Clear space in your inventory."; close; } set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize(getd(".Package"+$itemreward$[[email protected]+1]))) { getitem getd(".Package"+$itemreward$[[email protected]+1]+"["[email protected]+"]"),getd(".Package"+$itemreward$[[email protected]+1]+"["+([email protected]+1)+"]"); set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } specialeffect2 248; deletearray $itemreward$[[email protected]],2; mes "Here you go!"; close; OnMinute00: OnMinute30: if (!getarraysize($itemreward$)) end; set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize($itemreward$)) { message $itemreward$[[email protected]],"[You have a reward pending. See the Item Rewards NPC.]"; sleep 10; set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } end; GM_Menu: mes "[Item Rewards]"; mes "What would you like to do?"; next; switch(select(" ~ ^FF55FFPackage information^000000: ~ ^FF55FFList unclaimed rewards^000000: ~ ^00D900Give a reward^000000: ~ "+((getgmlevel()<.GMDelete)?"^777777":"^DE0000")+"Delete a reward^000000: ~ "+((getgmlevel()<.GMDelete)?"^777777":"^DE0000")+"Delete all unclaimed rewards^000000: ~ "+((getgmlevel()<.GMLogging)?"^777777":"^55AAFF")+"Manage logs^000000: ~ [Close]")) { case 1: mes "[Item Rewards]"; set [email protected],1; while (getd(".Package"[email protected])) { mes "^660099Package " + [email protected] + ":^000000"; set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize(getd(".Package"[email protected]))) { mes " ~ " + getd(".Package"[email protected]+"["+([email protected]+1)+"]") + "x " + getitemname(getd(".Package"[email protected]+"["+([email protected])+"]")); set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } set [email protected], [email protected]+1; } next; goto GM_Menu; case 2: mes "[Item Rewards]"; mes "Used space: ^F52887" + (getarraysize($itemreward$)/2) + "^000000/64"; mes "--------------------------------"; set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize($itemreward$)) { mes "^B041FF" + $itemreward$[[email protected]] + "^000000: package #" + $itemreward$[[email protected]+1]; set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } next; goto GM_Menu; case 3: mes "[Item Rewards]"; if (getarraysize($itemreward$) > 127) { mes "No more names can be stored."; mes "Delete some values and try again."; next; goto GM_Menu; } mes "Input a name, then a package number."; input [email protected]$; query_sql "SELECT `char_id` FROM `char` WHERE `name` = '"[email protected]$+"'",[email protected]; if ([email protected]) { mes "The name is invalid."; next; goto GM_Menu; } else set [email protected],0; input [email protected],1,.PackageCount; next; mes "[Item Rewards]"; mes "Player: ^B041FF" + [email protected]$ + "^000000"; mes "Package: ^B041FF#" + [email protected] + "^000000"; mes " "; mes "Are you sure?"; if (select("Yes:No") == 2) { mes "Request cancelled."; next; goto GM_Menu; } setarray $itemreward$[getarraysize($itemreward$)],[email protected]$,[email protected]; message [email protected]$,"[You have a reward pending. See the Item Rewards NPC.]"; if ($itemlog) { if (getarraysize($itemlog1$) > 127) { deletearray $itemlog1$[0],1; deletearray $itemlog2$[0],1; } setarray $itemlog1$[getarraysize($itemlog1$)],strcharinfo(0); setarray $itemlog2$[getarraysize($itemlog2$)],[email protected]$; } mes "Reward added."; next; goto GM_Menu; case 4: mes "[Item Rewards]"; if (getgmlevel() < .GMDelete) { mes "You are not permitted to delete entries."; next; goto GM_Menu; } mes "Input a name to cancel a reward."; input [email protected]$; set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize($itemreward$)) { if ($itemreward$[[email protected]] == [email protected]$) { deletearray $itemreward$[[email protected]],2; mes "Name cleared."; next; goto GM_Menu; } set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } mes "The name is invalid."; next; goto GM_Menu; case 5: mes "[Item Rewards]"; if (getgmlevel() < .GMDelete) { mes "You are not permitted to delete entries."; next; goto GM_Menu; } mes "^FF0000This action cannot be undone.^000000"; mes "Are you sure?"; mes " "; if (select("Yes:No") == 2) { mes "Request cancelled."; next; goto GM_Menu; } deletearray $itemreward$[0],getarraysize($itemreward$); mes "All entries cleared."; next; goto GM_Menu; case 6: Log_Menu: mes "[Item Rewards]"; if (getgmlevel() < .GMLogging) { mes "You are not permitted to manage logs."; next; goto GM_Menu; } mes "Logs are currently "+(($itemlog)?"^00D900enabled^000000":"^FF0000disabled^000000")+"."; next; switch(select(" ~ ^55AAFFView Logs^000000: ~ "+((!$itemlog)?"^00D900Enable":"^777777Disable")+" logging^000000: ~ ^DE0000Delete all logs^000000: ~ [Go back]")) { case 1: mes "[Item Rewards]"; mes "Used space: ^F52887" + (getarraysize($itemlog1$)) + "^000000/128"; mes "--------------------------------"; set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize($itemlog1$)) { mes "^B041FF" + $itemlog1$[[email protected]] + "^000000: sent to ^55AAFF" + $itemlog2$[[email protected]] + "^000000"; set [email protected], [email protected]+1; } next; goto Log_Menu; case 2: set $itemlog, ((!$itemlog)?1:0); goto Log_Menu; case 3: mes "[Item Rewards]"; mes "^FF0000This action cannot be undone.^000000"; mes "Are you sure?"; mes " "; if (select("Yes:No") == 2) { mes "Request cancelled."; next; goto Log_Menu; } deletearray $itemlog1$[0],getarraysize($itemlog1$); deletearray $itemlog2$[0],getarraysize($itemlog2$); mes "Logs cleared."; next; goto Log_Menu; case 4: next; goto GM_Menu; } case 7: close; } } or in this site LINK Credit to Sir Euphy
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    clientinfo.xml: summary: edit your clientinfo, make it something like.. <aid> <admin>200000</admin> <admin>200001</admin> </aid>
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    I'm not a real pro or anything I would just like to try to help. btw i'm using Thor Patcher and these are just the things I did to make mine work. So assuming you've extracted the files: upload 'Web' folder to your website --> you can choose to rename the folder or not. so for example you this will be the address to your website 'Web' folder = http://www.yourro-website.com/Web/ inside the 'Web' Folder is a file called 'main.ini' open it and edit this line: file_url=http://domain.com/patch/data/ --> Change it to file_url=http://www.yourro-website.com/Web/data/ **inside the Web folder is a folder call "data", it is where you will be putting the .thor files.** Next is on your local files: Open Configuration Folder and edit: config.ini: [config:Main] RootURL='' --> Change to your website 'Web' folder path [e.g RootURL=http://yourro-website.com/Web/] StatusFile='server.dat' --> Change to any name you want. [e.g StatusFile=yourro.dat] DefaultGRF='server.grf' --> Change to your main ragnarok grf [e.g DefaultGRF=yourro.grf] ClientEXE='game.exe' --> Change to your RO Client Name -- which will be run when you click on Start Game Button. [e.g ClientEXE=YourRO.exe] ------ then scroll down until you find something like [NoticeBox:Box0] or you can just use ctrl + f [NoticeBox:Box0] you'll see URL='' --> Change to URL='http://www.yourro-website.com/Web/notice.html' **Inside the 'Web' Folder there is a file called notice.html which will be viewed when you open your patcher.** close then save. Then open ConfigGenerator.exe inside Configuration folder, click the icon then go to Patcher folder and select Thor.exe. It will say Data packed successfully. then try to run Thor.exe inside Patcher folder. P.S. I JUST HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND HAHAHAHA, you can pm me though if it doesn't work lol. P.S. [AGAIN] I'm not that good at forums haha.
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