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Ragnarok - Project Resurrection - Other

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https://www.ragnarok-resurrection.com Negotiable Send me a PM on rAthena

I am looking for team members who will handle this project as I will be the back support in terms of Development and Finance. The server is funded by me even if there are no donations for the entire year and does not rely on donations. So rest assured that this server will not be for business profit.

This will be a monthly paid role and we will discuss your monthly salary individually. We will be also doing a weekly / monthly discord meeting to discuss the progress.

If you are interested and taking things seriously, Please apply!

I am looking for a long-term committed team member who will dedicate enough time to treat this project as their own.


Our server has been launched on September 3, 2021. 

We are a Low Rate server that provides classic up to 2-2 class gameplay.

Our server is focused on iRO & PHRO gameplay that you cannot find in other servers anymore. 



Graphics Designer / Web Developer

The whole content of Design and Web Development is all yours. We need your creativity, self-managed, and well-disciplined in terms of designing and making content that will attract the players.

We don't want to spoonfeed you in terms of what are your responsibilities. You know better when it comes to identifying the area that needs improvement and the ideas of how you can attract players with your artistic designs and creativity.


- We will support you in terms of giving you your own Webhost VPS to test your website designs and other materials that you need to accomplish your creativity.


- This is a monthly paid job and we believe that all the efforts, creativity, and time that has been spent deserve a reward.

So if you want to apply? Please message me on Discord and we can discuss the rest of the details.


Game Masters

We need a total of (3) Game Masters who will be actively online in-game. Each of them will have their own timings as we don't want each of them to be exhausted and lose fun for being active at 8-10 hours a day. We are flexible in terms of timing, and we just don't want our players to be left unattended. We prefer someone who will spend time and take things seriously but at the same time, fun to be with and the players will like them.


- Being a part of Game Masters involves responding to player's concerns, feedback, and suggestions.

- You are also allowed to host an event with the approval of the management.

- Checking players while they're hunting, training, and doing in-game activities.


- This is also a monthly paid and the payment will be based on your performance and player's feedback towards you.


You can reach me on my Discord - Resu-Me#4425

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