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PornRO - Game Master

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https://porn-ro.com Unpaid Send me a PM via our website/forums

Thank you for your interest in our humble (but explicit) little server! Please keep in mind, you are required to be a minimum of 21 years of age to apply for this post.

About PornRO:

  • Pre-Renewal Episode 11.3
  • 25x/25x/16x Rates
  • A lot of nakedness
    • Naked class sprites
    • Naked mobs
    • Naked NPCs
    • Naked staff just joking!

We're looking for some exceptional individuals to join our Game Master team.

The main duties of this post will be interacting with the playerbase via the Service Desk. Most of these bugs will be regarding missing resources as we've stripped the GRFs down to a total of 1.4GB for everything, but possibly removed something we shouldn't have. Player reports are also dealt with by GMs and have the ability to kick/ban players from the game directly from the website.

Game Masters are also encouraged to host events, following the staff guidelines on our forums. If you have ideas for scripted events or have seen an event/mechanic on another server/these forums that you would like implemented, feel free to let us know!

Player interaction in-game is also encouraged but not a necessity.

You can apply on our forum at the following link: https://community.industrial-illusions.net/apply/

Do download our client and give us a try first - we know we're not going to be everyone's cup of tea!

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