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Empire Classic - Core Developer

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Hello and greetings to all!

My server is actively recruiting! As a unique twist on the classic, our server features Star Wars-inspired jobs reminiscent of DarkRO. Yet, our gameplay deviates from the norm, boasting custom skills and playstyles. Whether it's the balanced ATK + FLEE approach of a Jedi or the Critical type Wizard style exclusive to Siths, our 255/120 HR Server has a place for everyone. Despite recent challenges causing a decrease in our player base, we remain passionate and committed to pushing forward.

We're currently seeking individuals who:

Are passionate about pre-renewal RO.
Possess a deep understanding of Ragnarok Online.
Can fulfill the roles and responsibilities listed below.

1. Support Game Masters (Support GMs) & Staff:

- Oversee the server's Discord and Facebook Page.
- Guide newcomers unfamiliar with their characters.
- Contribute to forum management and content creation.
- Organize and participate in events (Discord, Facebook, In-game).
- Collaborate on content, updates, balancing, events, and promotions.
- Ensure adherence to server rules.
- Organize in-game events.
- Aid in the day-to-day management of our Discord server.
- Handle feedback and occasional criticism with grace and professionalism.

2. Experienced Advertisers

Ability to align with the server's time zone (GMT +8).
Proficiency in English.

If you're interested please drop me a PM.

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