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BGRO - Core Developer

WebsitePayment MethodContact Method
https://bg-ro.net Negotiable Send me a PM on rAthena

Hi All,
We're looking for an individual with experience in the following

  • c/c++,
  • git or other version control,
  • map cache
  • act editor
  • NPC scripting,
  • Nemo / client diffing,
  • Jira
  • asm ( Good to have, but not required )

Basically, the whole backend and frontend of Ragnarok development with extra steps,
You'll be reporting to the lead dev and expected to have daily progress ( weekdays at least )

We offer a Monthly Payment and the rate is open for negotiation,
I appreciate the `Per Task` hustle but we need someone who can make a bit of commitment,

Please send me a message through Discord for faster interaction.

Discord: keroro#majkeroro

User Feedback

Still looking, let's not waste time with back and forth, send your offer. thanks

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