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  2. I realized that the maximum limit of items in the shop is 252. How do I increase this value?
  3. oh really? so how do i go about this? it might get errors cause it'll be missing
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  5. I've been using RO hosting since day and sadly the host provider closed the service without notice so I am planning to start again but this time to using self managed servers. Can't decide between OVH and Digital Ocean and the location, below are my requirements. Kindly help me decide, your opinion is much appreciated. 1. Main market will be south east asia but I also wanna cater players from mid east and US. My previous host is located at California and did not received any complains with the latency. 2. Projected players will be 500 to 1k. Help me decide for the specs that will cater that number of players and future expansion. 3. I prefer windows for OS but I am willing to learn new from new OS like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian etc. which once should I choose. Again, thanks for the response!
  6. I really have no idea, since i downgrade my client from 2018 to 2015 some of players experience long loading screen but only on some characters. it doesnt matter what town they visit it always takes about twice longer than usual. everytime changing map / selecting character. it will take about 2 seconds for the BLACK SCREEN to finish, on normal characters it only takes about 1/2 second. Is there any way on how to fix this? Thanks in advance
  7. Good day! 1.) I'm having a problem with my Gypsy class wherein its etc tab/3rd tab skills are still disabled after being soul linked as show in the first image below, Comparing it to my Ministrel wherein its etc tab/3rd tab skills are enabled after being soul linked as shown in the second image below. How do I enable the skills of my Gypsy in etc/3rd tab skills after being soul linked? Thanks a lot for the help!
  8. Patching nemo 'chat flood allow'.
  9. I didn't find where to disable ;/
  10. Hyroshima


    need to change also in: db\(re/pre-re)\job_exp.txt
  11. Scofield

    fluxcp rss news

    how do I fix these ipb news systems codes application.php news.php
  12. Yesterday
  13. Estou até envergonhado agora, muitos players falaram que estava bugada, eu olhei o script e estava perfeito!!! Enfim, era realmente upar o clã pessoal, agradeço e peço perdão pelo ocorrido. Obrigado mais uma vez rAthena!
  14. this change ? skill damage no working svn last ¡`¡¡¡
  15. marcorogeeh


    i cant change lvl 99 to 500 me change server to mapbattle.c Open srcmapbattle.c and look for this line of code: { "max_lv"' date=' &battle_config.max_lv, 99, 0, [i']127[/i], Change 127 to the maximum value you wish to set for your server i.e. { "max_lv", &battle_config.max_lv, 99, 0, 1000, This limits the accepted values of max_lv in confbattleclient.conf [edit]mapmap.h Open srcmapmap.h and look for this line of code: #define MAX_LEVEL 150 Change 99 to your desired maximum value, i.e. #define MAX_LEVEL 1000 change in my server but dont work and change this conf/client.conf
  16. can you make script Entry into bossnia, Capra cap or item 501 bossnia.txt
  17. you don't need 32 and ? sprite/act files on armor items.
  18. @IsabelaFernandez wait for it.
  19. Downloaded them all here so shouldnt it be complete when someone uploads them for people to download
  20. So apparently if im missing the 32 and ? i wont be able to use those? How come the needed sprites are missing? can someone explain it to me please. Sleipnir Brynhilder Recolor Recolored diablo set.rar
  21. Is this fixed already @sader1992? Is there a way for this to work?: (im using v2.6) After a successful removal of the enchanted orb, the orb will return to the inventory.
  22. That's fine. I'm not an expert at these stuffs, too. Actually, to edit word effects is just few steps (compared to those colourful sprites). There're some tutorials you could find on internet. I did my Asura sprite last year, so I don't remember the details.
  23. sorry, i don't have photoshop knowledge
  24. Had to slightly change it, but thanks
  25. item_passive_script and item_passive_status is bugged. stormbreakerbug.mp4
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