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ALTISSIA Map 1.0.0


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Hi Community ! 🖐️


For a 30% discount, contact me before buying:

--> https://discord.gg/mtQYn3Bb 
Send me a message.

I present to you my new map "Altissia" by the game Final Fantasy XV !

🕜 You can preview the map in the video from minute "0:00" until "7:50".



📋 - What's in the .rar file?

☑️ Just the map: rsw, gat & gnd files + BMP 

⚠️ if you want the whole project, it will be more interesting for you to buy this pack 
the pack costs $20 instead of $29 if you take all the cards separately.
It contains everything you can see in the video (Maps,BGM, textures, scripts, Npc etc) :



➡️You should know that the project took me a long time, more than a month in total. ⌛
➡️Be indulgent
➡️Do not share or sale this map (It's my work)
➡️if you find any errors contact me so i can correct and update the project


 🙏You can support my work : 

➡️putting a "like" on the video,
➡️React & give your opinion on my work
➡️buy the project
➡️Donation on paypal https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=Q4T6KSYZBPYY8




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