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Claw Game 1.0.0


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About This File

Always wanted a fun game where your player could play to use there badge/zeny/cash?

Instead of just having a npc with choices, make it a mini game with reflexion and strategy!

Watch the preview youtube video

poring.gif How it works

A board is procedurally created, and the player can move accross the game after paying some fees. When he takes a reward from a monster, the monster becomes the base one and he can continue if he pays again. When he took everything he wanted on the board, he can reset the board and play again!

It's instance based, so multiple players can play it at the same time.

Instead of clicking on the npc to move, there's items included that make it easier to move (with battlemode you can move using asdw and q/e to continue/reset). Which is greatly easier/funnier to play.

drops.gif What's inside

-The actual script
-The data folder for the arrows
-The help for iteminfo.lua/item_db.txt/map implant/instance_db
-readme to have more information about the script


Nearly everything is editable:
-Monsters spawn
-View range
-Ids of items

For the rewards, each monster will have a reward associated, some monsters can share the same rewards. Each reward can have a different type:
-One or multiple reward from a array (with or without duplicate)
-Array of id associated with % (one or multiple reward)
-All the item of the array given
-Empty reward

Read the readme to have more information of what to edit/where to edit.

poporing.gif Buying Term
-I still retain all rights to this script.
-You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way.
-You can modify this script as you like
-Script  by Kreustoo

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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