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Sader's Other Dimension Tree Of Savior 1.0.3

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About This File

What Included :

a small map for the system

the script

what you should put in the instance db (you are free to change the id!)


if you play Tree Of Savior , you might know The Other Dimension.
The main idea is the player can join The Other Dimension it's a solo instance
he can join as much as he want , the Goal is to reach the Highest Stage impossible in 20 min or until he die!
in Tree Of Savior The Other Dimension is one stage monsters and the 2nd stage boss
endless (i didn't finish it before but the idea is to not finish it!)
The rewards are sent to the mail at the end of the week
see the config to edit it (search for OnInit)
in Tree Of Savior the rewards are coins that you get each week
you can do that and activate the shop option
there is 1 array for the items id and 2 array for the counts
the first count array is for any Participant
the other count array is if the player was the first in his class and the Participants from his class is more than .MiniParticipants
you can block classes , or even make the monsters per class (Check Add for more info)
there is a rank option to check the players's max stage per classes
there is no drop nor exp in the system!
i Added 40 stage for testing and as example for you , just remove it all and build your own!
the stages i added has no balance! add it to what best for your server.
i suggest making +100 stage , make sure that no player can reach the final stage but
make it really hard not impossible!!


if you have problem with the script , you can use the forum post to report it to me, and me or someone else will help you fix it.

What's New in Version 1.0.3   See changelog


1.0.1 fix map gat error

1.0.2 add more check

1.0.2 now the script will register the last stage you complete instead the last stage you reached.

1.0.3 Add Backward Compatibility for who have the sql table already with values

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