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Bomb Poring Event 1.3.0


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bombporing-J.gifBomb Poring Event
Teleported on one of the 7 map, you have to survive waves of bomb poring. The longer you stay alive, the better are the chance to get a reward.
5 rounds, each seconds survived give you more % to win that stacks between rounds.
Each map has a different layout making the strategy to survive different
9 new type of bomb poring
Watch how it works here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWW9WoAfuyk

-Each bomb poring change into the red one to make it more obvious wich one is exploding. Because of how ragnarok is done, you don't see when a monster is casting outside your range
-Different layout so it'll be less repetitive
-You can add mutiple reward, but be aware a lot of players will survive the full 60 seconds, that's why I implemented a chance mecanism, letting new players having some chance to win and making the experimented one don't win too much rewards.
-The red poring can leave an item on the ground, you can remove it or change it, but the idea is that it make the things more dynamic with some player rushing to get the item and mostly... die!

bombporing-EX.gifHow to install
-You'll find one rar containing:
*9 new colors for bomb poring
*A new map splitted in 7 mini map
*The actual script with all the sql request to implant the bomb poring and all the premade information for NPCidentity.lub and jobname.lub
-Add the monsters and the map on your server
-Follow the !!Modify!! information in the script, you'll change the position of the warper the reward ect

bombporing-V.gifBuying Term
-I still retain all rights to this script.
-You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way.
-You can modify this script as you like
-I'll share a part of the gain to the mapper Greil

Script and Sprite recolor by Kreustoo
Map by Greil

Last tested on rathena 931155ee33e54239d3459695a13ea229e3f70242

What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog


-Adding skill_db helper
-Modifying id on the bomb poring to the id inside the readme
-Adding a new mode where rewards are time defined, no more random
-Adding a protection for token of siegfried

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