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Players love Slot Machines! Specially if it is easy to use with a pretty cutin-based interface!

This is a configurable Slot Machine where you're able to change the Item ID allowing you to use a custom or existing item, like Apples or a Casino exclusive coin bought with Zeny, this NPC allows you to configure the Odds, Payoff, and Winnings so you will always win! It is user-friendly and has a realistic cutin-based animation (575 .bmp files where used to create this).

WARNING: Bad use of this NPC can break your server's economy, if you don't know about Slot Machine formulas and odds, just configure the item ID ".CoinID" and "$SlotCoinPrice" variables.

7527.gif.a2fbba8ec89746e06b204e8d94552aff.gif NPC INFORMATION:

Slot Machine - This script is going to create 8 NPCs in the Comodo Casino, it is recommended to replace the cmd_in02 map with the provided one if you plan to use this location.

  • This Slot Machine has 5 images, here is the order from best to worse: Chest Coin, Bell, Yggdrasil, and Apple.
  • Users can bet X1, X2, or x3 times in a single play. If they play x3 the Jackpot (3 Chests) pays extra (This is configurable too).
  • Users can configure the spin speed so they can play faster.
  • You can configure the Odds, Winnings, and Payoff (An excel document is provided to help you configure this).
  • Clean interface and easy to use (cutin-based animation).
  • GM Menu where you can see/erase statistics (Password protected), batch playtest to calculate winning chance or play normally (this doesn't affect common player statistics).
  • General Player statistics (Gives you information about how many games have been lost or how much Zeny has been spent (You can set Credit - Zeny price relation to calculate this).
  • Configuration is script-based.
  • Prize is X times the bet (Depending on the multiplier).
  • NPC Information (provided to the players) is updated automatically based in your configuration like winnings and prizes.

6238.gif.c972e7df46af21d91fad929a0869880d.gif WINNING COMBINATIONS (AND DEFAULT PRIZES):

  • 12399.gif.37be0eec1673c7a574d7da08a803965a.gif 12399.gif.37be0eec1673c7a574d7da08a803965a.gif 12399.gif.37be0eec1673c7a574d7da08a803965a.gif    x125
  • 7959.gif.38e51f5b292500b6216b3c3f002d7c7d.gif 7959.gif.38e51f5b292500b6216b3c3f002d7c7d.gif 7959.gif.38e51f5b292500b6216b3c3f002d7c7d.gif    x40
  • 10016.gif.3f2f7cbcae27abc17c1da8513ba50ce1.gif 10016.gif.3f2f7cbcae27abc17c1da8513ba50ce1.gif 10016.gif.3f2f7cbcae27abc17c1da8513ba50ce1.gif    x15
  • 12292.gif.f08db1b4c235c490d1a565f66fbde1e7.gif 12292.gif.f08db1b4c235c490d1a565f66fbde1e7.gif 12292.gif.f08db1b4c235c490d1a565f66fbde1e7.gif    x6
  • 512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif 512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif 512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif    x3
  •   A     A   512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif     x2
  •   A     B   512.gif.96eaa47f266736c4d524ed58a96af2de.gif     x1

Where A and B can be any object.

5137.gif.f090c01f14b912da0780e62a1730c110.gif WHAT CAN I DO WITH THIS NPC?

You can use it in a lot of ways! Here are some examples:

  • To get event coins/tickets to be exchanged for other prices.
  • Zeny sink.
  • Poring Coins.
  • Cash Shop Pints (Custom item needed).
  • Costume Hat Ticket exchange.
  • And more!

6037.gif.a809519e10f0c3b4285e0b64b372c050.gif FILE CONTENTS: (167 MB - 3 .rar files)

  • 1 Excel document to help you decide your winnings and payoff.
  • 1 Script
  • 1 Map (Replace cmd_in02 with this one if you plan to use this NPC here)
  • 6 .wav files (Sound effects)
  • 576 .bmp files (Cutins)
  • 1 sprite (A silver-colored version of the original Slot Machine NPC to match cutin)

7942.gif.eaf062ee3f0ee6ac656a4db9a2f72995.gif  BUYING TERMS:

  • You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form.
  • Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena.
  • I still retain all rights to this script.
  • You can modify this script as you like, but to receive support you must tell me what you changed.
  • No Renewal, free updates.

Contact Me on Discord: Songbird#3918

What's New in Version 1.7.1   See changelog


Explanations improved and bug fixed.

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