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About This File

A Ranking System for Guilds who always active in War of Emperium. Each guild gain 100 points for every castles they conquered and additional 5 points for every emperium they break. Everyone is allowed to view the TOP 10 guild and their points in the npc. It also allows you to add shiny or item rewards for the guild who has a highest point within the month. You can also manually reset the ranking points to 0.

You are free to request for an upgrade of this script, just comment your ideas and avail the script.

Skype: nasagnilac.leiron

What's New in Version 1.2


  • Added some comment in able to understand how it works.
  • Already compile some of the code that you need to add, what will you do now is copy and paste the guild and guild2 folder in your files.
  • Automatically reset the guild points every month if the reward is not enabled.
  • You can now add setting if you want to enable the monthly reward or not.