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About This File

  • A system use to transfer zeny to another user character even he/she is offline or online.
  • Sender is not allowed to send zeny on his/her account characters.
  • It checks the receiver or sender name if it exist in the database.
  • It also check the tracking id if it is available or already claimed.
  • You can set tax for every transaction.
  • Allow you to check the list of active tracking id.
  • Allow you to check the details of your existing tracking id.
  • Mute the user if the npc find out that he/she is not the one who written as receiver.
  • User who are claiming to the npc need a TRACKING ID and the SENDER NAME.
  • All completed transaction can be refund or cancelled.
  • You can set an amount of tax for every refund or cancellation.
  • Canceled TRACKING ID will no longer be claimed by the receiver and it will automatically added to the cancellation log.

Don't forget to add the sql to your database log.

You are free to request for an upgrade of this script, just comment your ideas and avail the script.

Skype: nasagnilac.leiron

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


Ver: 1.2

  • Added cancellation of existing tracking id.
  • Added config where you can set tax for the cancellation or refund.
  • Fix all loopholes that may cause bugs or zeny duplication.
  • Added a new SQL table for cancellation log in able for you to monitor player transaction.