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item window fix 1

About This File

hi guys im joelolopez! im here to share my fix once again to help you guys to solve your problems without

asking or begging to anyone for help!

so whats this error about?

i had this error when i recently updated my client from 2013 to 2015

i did not make any upates to my ro for a very long time, thats why when i updated to 2015

i got this very distracting hole in my item window...

if you want to check it you can follow this link below,


the cause of this error is i've skipped a patch and jump to 2015 right away! ahahhaha!

it means to say that its possible to play 2015 client even if you're only have a 2013 full client

but of course theres also a disadvantage cause you will also missed the other patches.

but if you're really eager to have 2015 working client then follow my way of ninja :> ahahha!

dont forget to +1 rep if you like my fix and if it really helps you in your problems:3

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