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About This File

This is an archive of all 'item' and 'collection' .bmp's in data.grf and rdata.grf - extracted and converted from upto-date GRF's.


Images extracted, converted to .png and replaced #FF00FF with transparency, then saved as their item ID e.g:

File for apple image »¡°£Æ÷¼Ç.bmp converted and renamed to 501.png.

Ideal for uploading to websites/control panel shop pages.


Please note: This is a .7z file. You will need 7-Zip or a capable version of (Win/un)RAR to unpack it.

What's New in Version 3.0


  • Added version 3.0 - Items based on 12-08-2014 (r)data.grf
  • - Includes .png 'icons' and 'images' for FluxCP.