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rAthena Database Editor 0.1.8 Alpha

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This project is written in C++, using Qt ( So the code is platform independent, and once I reach Beta I plan to release both the source and linux binaries ). Feel free to post your ideas.

This tool is intended to be a modern database editor. The goal I want to achieve is, to provide an ultimate tool to edit (almost) all files of the db folder, with advanced usability, and blur the border between the files ( for example you see at the item tab, what monsters the item dropped by, although it is stored in a different file.)

Usage: File->Open and give it the location of your db folder. ( Only support rAthena, it searches for the dbs in re or pre_re subfolder based on settings. )


  • Informative tooltips to help the user
  • Item and mob database support
  • Script editor for item's scripts.
  • Adding, editing, removing database entries
  • Read/Write TXT databases, export/import them to/from SQL
  • Blur the borders between the files.
  • Double clicking an entry loads that entry to edit.
  • If you fill the ID field and press return, if such entry exist, it will be loaded and selected.
  • Switching between renewal and classic dbs
  • Basic sanity checking on save ( for example detecting zeny exploits )
  • RegExp based search

Saving behavior:

  • Save button save only the entry, use file->save to save the dbs.
  • If there is an entry exist with the saved id, it will be overwritten, otherwise appended.

Planned features:

  • Add MobSkillDB support
  • Add SkillDB support
  • Classic <-> Renewal converter ( implement formulas that can convert between classical and renewal )
  • Support for editing client side files
  • Integrity checks (for example mob droping a nonexistent item)
  • Implement your ideas :)

What's New in Version 0.1.8 Alpha   See changelog


  • Upgraded Qt to 5.14, ported to 64 bit
  • Some small GUI tweaks
  • Fix some errors in item and mob db handling
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